Game Theory: Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)

26 nov 2019
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Thanks to EA for sponsoring this video. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on XBOX, PC and PS4. Check it out here:
One of my favorite fictional worlds is Star Wars and with the release of Star Wars: Fallen Order I knew it was time to cover a topic I've wanted to do for YEARS! It's time to talk about the Force. Anyone who has seen one of the movies or played one of the games wishes they could use the Force. Imagine being able to lift objects, do crazy acrobatics or even slow time like in Star Wars: Fallen Order! Today, I want to examine how the Force Slow in the new game helps crack the key to understand the science behind the Force. Get your lightsabers ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • But not everything slows down do he had to be effecting just the specific thing and not himself

    Henry BrockmanHenry Brockman5 tundi tagasi
  • what if the force is affecting the inertia of others

    TYSON COBBTYSON COBB12 tundi tagasi
    • or kinetic energy perhaps

      TYSON COBBTYSON COBB12 tundi tagasi
  • Can you explain if we all are all able to use the magic In Harry potter

    Margaret KohlerMargaret KohlerPäev tagasi
  • Right, except force speed is already a thing. Sorry Matpat. I think your off base here. I think its more apt to say force slow works the same way as force choke. You can see Palpatine choking Red Dawn members when he assaults Darth Mauls fortress in, I believe Rebels? He doesn't need to focus on them, instead he keeps walking, right past them, as they continue to choke. Perhaps the force can just act as a seperate hand, holding objects in place, restricting their movement, making them feel heavier, perhaps even by reacting with the midiclorians of other living things like magnets, making them feel rooted where they stand. Doesn't explain the lasers though :(

    LegitCyanLegitCyanPäev tagasi
  • Literally the first thing I thought of was you going faster

    clips to oblivionclips to oblivionPäev tagasi
  • The cell part is the jfjamkdkwbe yup.

    Meredith HealeyMeredith HealeyPäev tagasi
  • This theory is not true because in Fallen Order, you can freeze one thing at a time so you are not just moving super fast.

    Hunter OfficialHunter Official2 päeva tagasi
  • ribosomes?

    Izzy ShellyIzzy Shelly2 päeva tagasi
  • u wont see this but u are rong 1 thing froze at a time thus it does not improve speed

    Bongani TshabalalaBongani Tshabalala3 päeva tagasi
  • He mentioned eliud kipchoge am from kenya

    Junior BoomJunior Boom3 päeva tagasi
  • The way back machine is either the first resource you go to, or the last.

    Evan McSweeneyEvan McSweeney3 päeva tagasi
  • Kylo ren also used force slow in tfa when he stopped poe's blaster bolt and him

    Darth SandiestDarth Sandiest3 päeva tagasi
  • This is also how the spider men get their powers, they get bitten my the spiders then as shown in the spider verse thier cells double meaning they get more mitacondria

    something I don't kniwsomething I don't kniw3 päeva tagasi
  • Your theory makes no sense, you can slow down one guy and leave another normal. So is it just clouding that guys mind? No. Because you can use it on objects like you said. I believe it’s literally just slowing them down. Like how the force can manifest itself into different things like lightning or mind tricks.

    John SarnoJohn Sarno4 päeva tagasi
  • The movies were being wrote as you were making those videos, of course you couldn’t get a theory right lol

    Chibi CthulhuChibi Cthulhu4 päeva tagasi
  • The only thing you cant do with lego is building a circle

    Hashim HussainHashim Hussain5 päeva tagasi
  • Whats wrong with force crush your internal organs

    John HustlerJohn Hustler5 päeva tagasi
  • yes but here is my question if force slow makes you faster and everything else seem so slow then why does it only slow down the one thing you point it at

    Drippy DroopDrippy Droop5 päeva tagasi
  • u learn about michtohondria in 8th grade we learnd that in 6th

    interceptor 504interceptor 5046 päeva tagasi
  • Now I know why everyone hates midichlorians

    Pluto 0w0Pluto 0w06 päeva tagasi
  • cell membrane

    Hiraku SakaguchiHiraku Sakaguchi6 päeva tagasi
  • the cell part is ribsoms by the way i'm in eiatht grade right now also this video was realy cool so please make more of these

    lindwurm ellislindwurm ellis6 päeva tagasi
  • If this is true how in the very beginning you slow your friend but not the ship he lands on

    Treven MullenTreven Mullen6 päeva tagasi
  • But based on the background we know that you move the same speed. Therefore there must be a different solution.

    れんえrみちゃえlれんえrみちゃえl6 päeva tagasi
  • this is the first game theory where i dissagree with you. you can clearly see that when u use the force stop on one of the cogs the other continuess to spin the same velocity. the same with one of the storm troopers, when they are stopped the waterfall continues again in the same velocity as before. and if u went so mush faster relative to everything, why would you point the force stop?

    TheturtleboiTheturtleboi7 päeva tagasi
  • The force just allows you to project your own energy field to mold and shake kinetic energy

    Justin CaneJustin Cane7 päeva tagasi
  • Force Speed, Force Strength, and Force Jump already exist. This seems more like an actual using of the Force to warp time in a specific location. Almost like creating a pocket of warped time. Probably more accurately referred to as "Force Warp."

    BRB 101BRB 1017 päeva tagasi
  • I know I'm like a year late to this, but the force definitely can affect non-living things, that's most of what it does: Luke getting his lightsaber on Hoth, Yoda pulling Luke's ship out of the swamp, Yoda stopping that pillar from falling on Obi Wan, even Darth Vader's famous force-choke is an example of telekinesis, interaction with non-living things. The clone wars explains the interaction between living and non-living things via the force by dividing it into two things: the living force and the cosmic force. The living force is the midichlorians, whereas the cosmic force is more what obi-wan tells Luke, being the interconnectedness of the universe.

    seth thaiseth thai7 päeva tagasi
  • Then how does other objects move at your speed? Do you speed them or said object as well?

    TheGalaxyBunnyTheGalaxyBunny7 päeva tagasi
  • I know this is old and well get looked over, be there is a MAJOR issue in comparing midi-chlorians to mitochondria. That being that mitochondria are spread through generations through the maternal bloodlines. Meaning that Anakin would have got his force abilities from his mother. And Luke would have got his from Padme. Which would mean that both anakins mother and Padme should at least be able to hold their own against Anakin

    Cole LauritsenCole Lauritsen7 päeva tagasi
  • what type of animal is baby yoda

    Ethan MonroyEthan Monroy7 päeva tagasi
  • Someone’s probably already said this, but couldn’t force slow just be force push being used to push something in the opposite direction of where it’s moving

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams7 päeva tagasi
    • I forgot I already commented this 10 months ago

      Jack WilliamsJack Williams7 päeva tagasi
    • That someone was me

      Jack WilliamsJack Williams7 päeva tagasi
  • 15:50 4chan knows, you only need 30 years to achive :P

    C.P.C.P.7 päeva tagasi
  • I think midiclorians are kinda like chi, but it's also biological. Unlike chi, either you have more or you have less... but hey, that's just a theory.

    Briana MillsBriana Mills7 päeva tagasi
  • Ribosomes

    Fishy SoldierFishy Soldier8 päeva tagasi
  • One thing that people have probably already realized now with the game out, while this theory's base idea may stay true, the force slow ability doesn't affect the person who casts it, it does indeed affect the things it's cast on, like people and objects, because, it if was just affecting the user, the WHOLE world would SEEM slower, but actually not have any change on objects other that the user . In the literal first actual use of the force in the game, it directly affects how fast and hard Prauf is falling, Cal can not do anything else to assist, now, if call had made some quick jedi moves and caught Prauf, then this theory would apply, but it doesn't. But this theory may still hold up, for some Jedi super speed and why they are able to slightly predicte the future and have lightsaber practice with millions of blasters.

    Joshy NiceJoshy Nice8 päeva tagasi
  • Me: Ok so how do I pay taxes School: Miticrondghea is the power house of the cell

    Carlson JoeCarlson Joe8 päeva tagasi
  • 5:37 darth:NOOOOOOOOOOOO :matpat: YESSSSSSSSS

    Sandra VegaSandra Vega8 päeva tagasi

    Sandra VegaSandra Vega8 päeva tagasi
  • Everyone always forget the clone wars

    Lex HowardLex Howard8 päeva tagasi
  • the force slow is just how in danger Jedi's see stuff slowly

    Victor KaracostasVictor Karacostas9 päeva tagasi
    • That's right. It could be just seeing something from his point of view

      Briana MillsBriana Mills7 päeva tagasi
  • 8:15 well I'll just go witch cell wall ez

    guardian of the toastersguardian of the toasters10 päeva tagasi
  • ribosomes

    Aiden HartleyAiden Hartley10 päeva tagasi
  • "Dungeon exploration and puzzle solving of METROID" Fixed that for you, Matpat, you wellcome. ;)

    HunteR3453HunteR345310 päeva tagasi
  • ribosomes?

    Jared CappelJared Cappel10 päeva tagasi
  • Sorry bud. Gotta disagree. Force Slow (in Fallen Order) will affect one thing and leave the rest unaffected. If you are affecting yourself to go faster, it would be universal from you perspective as the affected individual. If you were actually speeding up, and it only affected some things, that would be more like controlling time - like you're Dr. Strange. Only answer is that you are actually able to slow some things down by exerting influence through the Force onto those objects/people/energy blasts. And "Technically speaking, it shouldn't have any affect on inanimate objects." How many Jedi/Sith have we seen lift rocks/X-Wings/doors/random stuff to throw at your son in a lightsaber fight?

    Stephen DStephen D10 päeva tagasi
  • wait, if humans are apartments, does that make apartments apartments for the apartments?

    Grant BouckGrant Bouck11 päeva tagasi
  • I’m playing that game rn

    WL AnimationsWL Animations11 päeva tagasi
  • 8:13 membran?

    stern bockstern bock11 päeva tagasi
  • I would think force slow is some kind of retention field or atomic cohesion stuff

    Eric RivestEric Rivest11 päeva tagasi
  • The theory is wrong cause when we use force slow only slows down only one enemy

    9D 069D 0611 päeva tagasi
  • Quick note, Jedi have Talents too. There's a master on the council (off the top of my head Plo Koon, but it could be someone else), who's really really talented at Force Lightning (and develops a variant that isn't Dark), the Halcyon/Horns can't Telekinesis for their lives, but instinctively absorb and redirect energy. Bastila Shan has a Talent for Battle Meditation. Cal's likely training under his Master because they both have a talent for Slow (which might be more closely derived from the Force Stasis power from the KotOR games. The Jedi have had 3,000 years to refine and innovate). You may want to check out the Space isn't a Vacuum video by EckhartsLadder. It explains the Hover tech and may be implied to intereact with or be part of the Force. Also, I've seen that Jedi's midichlorian counts go up as they train. Also, the average Jedi count is 10,000, the lower cut-off is 7,000. I'm loving you're take on the Force lore.

    Shiloh LeeShiloh Lee11 päeva tagasi
  • I know that some people might agree with mat pat but matt, you got it wrong... again. If force slow make EVERYTHING AROUND you look slower because you got faster but then why do I have to use force slow two times on two things? Because if it made me faster then I should only need to use force slow once for slowing down everything. Explain that? I think some of us here already knows that a pretty long time ago.

    StevenSteven11 päeva tagasi
  • What if force slow is making you faster?

    M4tei AMOUNG USM4tei AMOUNG US11 päeva tagasi
  • cytoplasm

    mad mudkipmad mudkip11 päeva tagasi
  • 0:44 music used here anyone?

    Casey RoenneburgCasey Roenneburg11 päeva tagasi
  • 8:07 I’m learning about it and that looks like a cell membrane the outside of the cell

    Anthony BenitezAnthony Benitez11 päeva tagasi
  • 13:41 Lonely Island reference much?

    TigerBonez2020TigerBonez202011 päeva tagasi
  • I could out run everyone in my high school soccer team and I'm just a typically fast walker. I have meet one who just normally walks as fast as me. So I guess I just have a high number of midichlorians- I mean mitochondria.

    TigerBonez2020TigerBonez202011 päeva tagasi
  • Lol I’m literally in 8th grade biology right now 😂

    Wize WunzWize Wunz11 päeva tagasi
  • When he slows time he only slows 1 object so he is not going faster.

    Quentin ThévozQuentin Thévoz11 päeva tagasi
  • Lysosome

    AlleatAlleat11 päeva tagasi
  • "Force Slow" IS an ability used by Sith Inquisitors in Star Wars the Old Republic! Just saying....

    Joe PottsJoe Potts12 päeva tagasi
  • Midichlorians have to be my most favorite part of Star Wars. But I honestly hate this slowing down ability. I think it ruins the canon in too many ways.

    LugyD1xd ONELugyD1xd ONE12 päeva tagasi
  • Are you talked ng bout the lysosomes

    SlurpSlurp12 päeva tagasi
  • 11:45 ummmm then how come the first gear moves slow but the second gear still spins fast if it was your body that was going faster then all the gears would look slower at the same time

    jun wangjun wang13 päeva tagasi
  • Cells create their own home to do work to get their own home

    CypherCypher14 päeva tagasi
  • How does he slow one thing and not other things like praufs fall

    Spooder On QuackSpooder On Quack14 päeva tagasi
  • Were do i play this i want to play so bad

    Person Man 2404Person Man 240415 päeva tagasi
  • It’s a ribosome

    Flandre ScarletFlandre Scarlet15 päeva tagasi
  • maybe he's draining energy from the object he chooses...he is a sith!

    Benjamin BaerBenjamin Baer16 päeva tagasi
  • I’m surprised that ea didn’t make us pay to watch

    Buster 57Buster 5717 päeva tagasi
  • you need to play vader immortal its a vr star wars game and its cannon to the movies edit: i forgot to say its a oculus exclusive

    HippopperbearHippopperbear17 päeva tagasi
  • love the theory but when you use slow you dont slow everyting juts the one you target

    Pontte PonttePontte Pontte17 päeva tagasi
  • He legit is just going fast

    R1B 0R1B 018 päeva tagasi
  • Personally I think that it’s just an advanced form of the forces telekinetic abilities, but a combination of this and the telekinesis thing could explain a lot of Jedi abilities including their fighting abilities

    ZachJohn26 / Rocketship EntertainmentZachJohn26 / Rocketship Entertainment18 päeva tagasi
  • Force slow is in the movies

    Goku JoestarGoku Joestar18 päeva tagasi
  • Does this mean that if you extract the mitochlorians from somebody and put them in someone else then they could be force sensitive

    TreadmillCat MCTreadmillCat MC19 päeva tagasi
  • In ep 1 qui gon and obi wan use force speed witch made them run really fast so I'm just saying....

    GandA ProductionsGandA Productions19 päeva tagasi
  • Halfway through this i completely forgot what this was about

    Hyperlistic GamerHyperlistic Gamer19 päeva tagasi
  • At least SOMEONE agrees that 8th grade biology was stupid, barely understood a thing in that class so I just memorized the facts rather than understood them

    Crazy EighterCrazy Eighter20 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat, don't feel bad. No one could have known the amount of garbage used in that dumpster fire of a trilogy

    Nick JohnsonNick Johnson20 päeva tagasi
  • Everything seems right except the force speed udea. You can slow down individual objects, not all of them.

    BLLG UltraversalBLLG Ultraversal20 päeva tagasi
  • Sorry bro but I gotta disagree with this theory. In the game you dont slow EVERYTHING around you just one participate person or thing not everyone around you like it would if it made you faster

    BeastofthefuturBeastofthefutur20 päeva tagasi
  • I respect your decision but ea i do not respect closed almost all of my favorite game companies they did

    Mr.Aizawa ShoutaMr.Aizawa Shouta20 päeva tagasi
  • Nah, it's basically stasis charges. Ripped straight from Dead Space, another EA game. xD

    MechanoRealistMechanoRealist20 päeva tagasi
  • ribosomes

    ArctosArctos20 päeva tagasi
  • It’s like dragon ball

    M AM A20 päeva tagasi
  • Nice Hunger games reference Matpat.

    Gilbert TrioGilbert Trio21 päev tagasi
  • the missing organelle was vacuole

    jonathanf42jonathanf4221 päev tagasi
  • Ughhhh MatPat how could you do this to us? Force slow can only target one person/thing at a time. If you're facing multiple Storm Troopers and you use force slow, it doesn't slow all of them, just the one you're looking at. Plus, you literally used footage in the puzzle sections where only one spinning gear was slowed down at a time. If Cal were really "In the zone", all of them would appear slow. Ok, rant over. Here's my personal theory: Even though Midi-chlorians are only found in living things, Yoda says that the Force itself goes through *everything*, organic or not. When Cal uses force slow, I believe that he is actually manipulating the Force inside the object/person/creature to slow it down, instead of speeding himself up. That would explain why he can slow lasers, fans, pistons, trains, Storm Troopers, AT-ATs, (I could keep listing things forever), without disturbing the other things around it or Cal, specifically because each and every one of them has the Force coursing through them, and Cal is targeting only their Force energy.

    DIY DragonDIY Dragon21 päev tagasi
  • i just love the biganing XD

    Keylee FordKeylee Ford21 päev tagasi
  • Still remember the most used ability Keybind F3 for force speed as Kyle

    EtheEvilEtheEvil22 päeva tagasi
  • Sry but your theory is false because we see force slow in the Disney star wars movies

    Andy VassileffAndy Vassileff22 päeva tagasi
  • In human beings mitochondria can be increased by actively exercising and exhausting your body, burning more oxygen causes your mitochondria to begin reproducing more rapidly. Would it then be logical to theorize that anyone in the Star wars universe could exercise their force abilities no matter how meager and they would eventually develop more midichlorians increasing their force abilities? Edit. And then as soon as I put this comment in the comment section you make that exact statement.

    Bobby HempelBobby Hempel22 päeva tagasi
  • Finally, an answer to know what cells are made of

    Atomic BasscatAtomic Basscat22 päeva tagasi
  • It’s fattyassis

    Jesus PantojaJesus Pantoja24 päeva tagasi
  • Vacuoles(they act as a stomach and storage system for cells!)

    Bro BeastBro Beast24 päeva tagasi
  • the force slow ability slows one trooper at a time so if you were speeding up it would slow all the troopers and NPCs

    Lee WilsonLee Wilson24 päeva tagasi
  • Matpat got the ending wrong. If you want to train your 'force' powers then you would need to meditate and practice supernatural things.

    GrimGrim25 päeva tagasi