Proof Minecraft Steve Has UNLIMITED Power! | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft

18 okt 2018
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Who is the most POWERFUL character to ever exist? Today Theorists, we find out how Minecraft created the strongest character of all time. Don't believe me? Let Austin tell you.
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  • Plus the crafting slots and armor slots Its possible to put any block on a Player head with commands

    Antoni KurekAntoni Kurek4 tundi tagasi
  • 1:35 sounds like you just described Dr.Manhattan

    Logan BootsLogan Boots16 tundi tagasi
  • Wait, Steve has bundle and shulker boxes

    Pony_QwQPony_QwQ18 tundi tagasi
  • How can he do the Outro of "Sincerely, Austin" when he never started the Google Doc in the intro?

    Cr0sS BeastCr0sS Beast21 tund tagasi
  • God created all this and he chose to love us

    Garrett MillerGarrett MillerPäev tagasi
  • You can technically put a shulker filled with emerald blocks but one slot is another shulker with the same items in it, which means steve can carry INFINITE weight

    עידו סווידעידו סווידPäev tagasi
  • U forgot the golden armor even if its not metter

    יהלי דיאמנטיהלי דיאמנטPäev tagasi
  • steve can also hold chests of golds

    d williamsd williamsPäev tagasi
  • And Steve is a normal human in Minecraft Lets imagine how strong Herobrine would be because he's a God compared to steve it is a myth

    Ming Han ChuaMing Han ChuaPäev tagasi
  • Please measure how strong the Terraria guy is.

    I Don’t KnowI Don’t KnowPäev tagasi
  • the nether star in minecraft is the heaviest its a frickin star

    ihavepetrockihavepetrock2 päeva tagasi
    • Is it?

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • Can he beat goku?

    Londoncit 3Londoncit 32 päeva tagasi
  • He forgot something.... chests cannot be carried with items in it that would be a shulker box which takes 1 entire inventory slot so yeah

    Ates NalcacıAtes Nalcacı2 päeva tagasi
    • Its the +nbc trick that is use here

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • No offense but, I don't like Minecraft and I am very (maybe even extremely) biased against "Steve" being the strongest! As such I have been avoiding this video, untill recently and I was going to complain and say he should be disqualified but, I changed my mind. Two can play at this game and, I have a counter theory of my own! (Which will make most of your work and lost Austins pointless!) I watched the video and do you notice that not too many games allow you to carry chests or put stacks of chests in chests!? I was wondering why? What if those "chests" are actually more similar to Jimmy Neutron's "Hypercube" than a chest? Now the cube can store an "infant amount of stuff" and seems to store it in an alternate dimension (kind of like the Tartarus) which could explain why Jimmy's cube never gets heavier! If these are a chests are really similar then anything "Steve" puts inside is basically rendered weightless! And Austin, you have already stated that in Minecraft gold is the heaviest thing you can carry, thus making his 36 slots of 64 stacks of gold blocks heavier than the infinite chest stacking! After all in my theory if the chest is two pounds when empty it's still two pounds when "full"! Making him less godly than you originally claim! So, if you want him to be stronger so badly then you'll have to do it Lego style! (Basically his building speed with various materials)! How strong someone is can be measured in more ways than what you can carry, like how much damage they can take or deal, or how much they can pull! I am rather upset that you seem to have overlooked characters like Cloud from Final Fantasy vii, or Link from Legend of Zelda (Matt has calculated the force from the longshot and what Link endures with that and the weight of ruppies!), or Princess Media (the horse Princess) from Dragon Quest 8, or any of the Dragon Quest heroes, or Cappel from Infinite Undiscovery, Ext! What about the anime based games like Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha?!

    Okami AnglesOkami Angles2 päeva tagasi
    • If you can run in the universe in your hand you can probably win some fight

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • Netherite bloks in shulker bokes

    simsi08simsi082 päeva tagasi
    • How to know the weight netherite since it doesnt really exist

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • this video aged poorly after doom etirnal

    Aaron McLaughlinAaron McLaughlin2 päeva tagasi
  • guys this is just plain minecraft just think about the mods that make it so you mine bedrock just think how heavy that will be and for a fact there are many other mods that well chance this whole number

    prarthana vigprarthana vig2 päeva tagasi
  • What about shulkerboxes?

    Leandro BaurLeandro Baur2 päeva tagasi
  • Ever wonder why there isn’t a weight system in Minecraft? This is definitely why. The character would never feel any noticeable encumbrance, so adding a weight limit would be pointless.

    Атлас {[1]}Атлас {[1]}2 päeva tagasi
  • And then you put all of those stack is shulker boxes

    Tim VTim V2 päeva tagasi
  • Just a theory but if he’s caring that much weight or the mass just completely collapse in itself into one big implosion

    slippy gamerslippy gamer3 päeva tagasi
  • When steve die to something or is hurt he is just experiencing a mortal live, when steve use full power he is in creative mod, he can break anything in 1 hit and with god power (commands) create or destroy anything

    Wondering CalamityWondering Calamity3 päeva tagasi
  • This man got nothin g on the Dragonborn he may move slow but he can carry infinite items I have 1quintillion arrows

    lucky loki 07lucky loki 073 päeva tagasi
  • you forgot shulker boxs

    awsDControlsawsDControls3 päeva tagasi
  • With all that good thought it’s worthless

    Sirius RaycraftSirius Raycraft3 päeva tagasi
  • the strongest character is maxwell from scribblenauts

    Angela WattsAngela Watts3 päeva tagasi
    • Why

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • I said it before but... AUSTIN! The heaviest block in Minecraft is blue ice!!!! It's made up of 81 m^3 of water (ice)!!

    דניאל סינידניאל סיני3 päeva tagasi
    • @Mxmln lcdcdffmnt 81000 kilos, water density= 1000kg/m^3

      דניאל סינידניאל סיני18 tundi tagasi
    • So around 81 kilo for blue ice 19300 kg for gols block, this doesn t make sence

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • You out by .2

    Oliver SalibaOliver Saliba3 päeva tagasi
  • Well he can hold infinite realities but dies from falling 20 metres Wait ......WHAT !!

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • From 8:40 Did he use the calculator used by God

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • Well technically with old enchanted apple crafting recipe Put them all in an inventory full of shriller boxes leaving one slot Fill that slot filled with an ender chest full of shucker boxes full of more enchanted apples

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • Well technically atlas and superman did nothing Earth is floating and if something is big enough it can easily push earth You can push an astronaut in space with a finger and he would float forever But that won’t mean your finger is made of titanium and pushes with a million metric tons of force

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • Steve can lift millions of kilograms but yet can’t kill a can’t kill a fish in a single hit

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • Yet he needs carpets as a support to jump over fences

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur3 päeva tagasi
  • I’m seriously considering deleting Minecraft and removing Stevix from my life because of this video. 😶

    StuffAnd NonsenseStuffAnd Nonsense3 päeva tagasi
  • Galactus: tries to eat the mincraft planet Steve: so you have chosen... death

    MadMattMadMatt4 päeva tagasi
  • Lol you forgot about shulker boxes. That even more

    Dmitrij Zhembrovskij NovákDmitrij Zhembrovskij Novák4 päeva tagasi
  • Steve: /gamemode creative Also Steve: /clear earth Also Also Steve: /clear universe Also Also ALSO Steve: *eats steak*

    Damerae EdwardsDamerae Edwards4 päeva tagasi
  • No cap fell asleep listening to the numbers, woke up and rewatched the vid

    Njad Messi11Njad Messi114 päeva tagasi
  • What we learn in class: 1+1=2 What’s on the test : 9:25

    Priyam AwasthiPriyam Awasthi5 päeva tagasi
    • @Priyam Awasthi i mean love the idea that you can divide by 0 tbh thats were the fun begins

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt10 tundi tagasi
    • @Mxmln lcdcdffmnt you do realize those equations are faulty right?

      Priyam AwasthiPriyam Awasthi10 tundi tagasi
    • Actually you can proove than 1=2

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • Saitama tho

    Doge kingDoge king5 päeva tagasi
  • uh, then you have The Presence, who is literally god

    gam gamgam gam5 päeva tagasi
  • What About Goku ultra instinct???

    Gacha RyanGacha Ryan5 päeva tagasi
  • He forgot that if he left some more boxes on the ground and moved some stacks from his inventory slots to the crafting slots he could automatically pick up the boxes on the ground, so he could hold 4 more stacks

    AnonAnon5 päeva tagasi
    • yep but steve cant carry those cause he cant walk while self-crafting anyway, theyll still drop if he tries to walk except if hes using a mod or hack

      Stabberii O_oStabberii O_o5 päeva tagasi
  • What about shulker boxes?

    IvanIvan5 päeva tagasi
    • shulker boxes work the same as chest properties in special commands, but shulker boxes take up more bit space than normal chest so it's actually less

      Stabberii O_oStabberii O_o5 päeva tagasi
  • You forgot Shulker box

    Smitsy2463Smitsy24636 päeva tagasi
    • shulker boxes work the same as chest properties in special commands, but shulker boxes take up more bit space than normal chest so it's actually less

      Stabberii O_oStabberii O_o5 päeva tagasi
  • And all those stacks are in one slot... Plus gold armor.... Plus if the chest was filled with shulker boxes filled with gold blocks....

    Aria parkerAria parker6 päeva tagasi
  • This guy is MatPat's hyperactive Riley Murdoc.

    fiv3fiv36 päeva tagasi
  • Jasper: Excuse me what, bruh how can block people defeat superman?

    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and moreAngelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more6 päeva tagasi
  • Steve : i have immortal , never old and death , STANDO POWER !

    Undertale審判長廊Undertale審判長廊6 päeva tagasi
  • Now put those stacks of chests in shulker boxes and on and on

    DenksDenks6 päeva tagasi
    • shulker boxes work the same as chest properties in special commands, but shulker boxes take up more bit space than normal chest so it's actually less, if you watched the video youll know theres a limit to stacking in the game source file

      Stabberii O_oStabberii O_o5 päeva tagasi
  • Now calculate it with Netherite

    Derpy SheepDerpy Sheep7 päeva tagasi
    • What is the weight of netherite??

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • Wow, you are REALLY trying to be matpat now aren't you? Lol.

    Michael 729Michael 7297 päeva tagasi
  • In creative mode he can get the enchanted apples

    agelitedex blueagelitedex blue7 päeva tagasi
  • Who's gonna tell him about shulkers and netherite?

    Shivansh DwivediShivansh Dwivedi7 päeva tagasi
    • @Stabberii O_o thank u for information I got your point

      Shivansh DwivediShivansh Dwivedi5 päeva tagasi
    • shulker boxes work the same as chest properties in special commands, but shulker boxes take up more bit space than normal chest so it's actually less

      Stabberii O_oStabberii O_o5 päeva tagasi
  • Austin:STEVE IS A GOD OF GOD OF GOD OF GOD Creeper:👁👄👁

    TheEntityTheEntity7 päeva tagasi
  • its all over when steve enters super smash bros

    Axel NahaneeAxel Nahanee8 päeva tagasi

    Trump's Huge left EarTrump's Huge left Ear8 päeva tagasi
  • but then you put all those boxes in shulker boxers

    Hawkeyedsniper 7Hawkeyedsniper 78 päeva tagasi
  • when aoustin says numbers

    Naufal GamerNaufal Gamer8 päeva tagasi
  • Ya forgot the shulker boxes.....

    Erik KukkyErik Kukky8 päeva tagasi
  • OK he needs to do this entire thing again and add and gold armor. Lol

    Ruxton HummingbirdRuxton Hummingbird8 päeva tagasi
  • skeleton: this guy aint strong, he cant kill me. steve: wanna bet

    A littwo birdA littwo bird9 päeva tagasi
  • Full inventory of shulker boxes that are full of gold blocks

    martin6cz newmartin6cz new9 päeva tagasi
  • what about shulker boxes

    Praneel GandhiPraneel Gandhi9 päeva tagasi
  • what about haveing a e-chest full of stacks of gold blocks

    BuzzplantBuzzplant9 päeva tagasi
  • What about Zeno from DBS, Zeno can blink the whole Multiverse Away

    KNKN9 päeva tagasi
  • Did he forget gold armour too?

    psycho soldierpsycho soldier9 päeva tagasi
  • for the sake of our minds, i shouldnt say this, but what if you include shulker boxes?

    mcfrickenwatchermcfrickenwatcher9 päeva tagasi
  • creative isn't canon. You could've just used Shulker boxes and found the real answer

    AndrewAndrew9 päeva tagasi
    • Creative is here, its official, its a feayure that is wanted by the devs so that works but if you are not happy with it make the math and a vid yourself

      Mxmln lcdcdffmntMxmln lcdcdffmnt23 tundi tagasi
  • I was hoping to get the music at 8:05 in the background, I've heard it from Madame Nazar and a few other places ... but can never seem to find the name of the song itself ... fk

    The Dragon Of CanadaThe Dragon Of Canada10 päeva tagasi
  • What about god apples?

    Oiopquatro 4Oiopquatro 410 päeva tagasi
  • What about god apples?

    Oiopquatro 4Oiopquatro 410 päeva tagasi
  • its now 10039483495724385457658964589634985863450456567658648646748695986598670596743954637469340637667767677677777777403400569765965660467675597465466795467868705046978787806407798904077 X 2078536334902348675845765849320293845767548392348565843210110101010110100101010011010101011010110101010101010 fifth the 23324576475483309845767543848576754384574579584698456765930567454869476584897456967878754904586867494569609567406593-63-673657-0575657392

    Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar10 päeva tagasi
    • and also megatongram

      Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar10 päeva tagasi
    • no joke itake me like 3 years

      Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar10 päeva tagasi
  • but you have to do it with shulkerboxes

    Michal StaníkMichal Staník10 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah I get what you mean by this but you could of just used shukers

    aikahi boysaikahi boys10 päeva tagasi
  • in Creative mode Steve have infinite items means he have infinite Power

    SenkoBreadSenkoBread10 päeva tagasi
  • He can invite other him from other dimension and start fighting like a madman that is just like nothing

    WETbreadWETbread10 päeva tagasi
  • Can’t he carry infinite shulkers

    Beefcake ProductionsBeefcake Productions11 päeva tagasi
  • Wow, Austin can u help me with my wath homework😂😂

    Dark_ForceDark_Force11 päeva tagasi
  • What if they had shulker boxes in there inventory?

    CalieX 13CalieX 1311 päeva tagasi
  • austin: makes video. everyone: *time to call the therapists*

    ShaunOnlyPlays YTShaunOnlyPlays YT11 päeva tagasi
  • Nobody tell Austin about shuckle boxes

    AudiAudi11 päeva tagasi
  • steve so power full yet a dog can kill him

    Joji AaduriJoji Aaduri12 päeva tagasi
  • You forgot to add that they can wear gold armour

    TheisMice123TheisMice12312 päeva tagasi
  • I feel like goku could lift waaay more.

    GamerHatchGamerHatch12 päeva tagasi
    • Bruh dbs fan boy who thinks goku can beat anyone

      how to make a goodhow to make a good9 päeva tagasi
  • With that much weight on him, he can still sprint super fast.

    GamerHatchGamerHatch12 päeva tagasi
  • Actually, you still have the same amount of gold at the end in the last box...

    BlueBulletBlueBullet12 päeva tagasi
  • The doom slayer can lift over a ton

    Thomas JonesThomas Jones12 päeva tagasi
    • Ok and

      steven the vikingsteven the viking10 päeva tagasi
  • Indiny

    soulmortalsoulmortal12 päeva tagasi
  • How about bedrock?

    Donkey RahmanDonkey Rahman12 päeva tagasi
    • Not the heaviest it's just the most durable(in game)

      steven the vikingsteven the viking10 päeva tagasi
  • I'm not sure "dude with literally unlimited powers of creation" (aka steve in creative mode) has unlimited power is exactly as shocking as you think it is.

    Some GuySome Guy12 päeva tagasi
  • Austin: Steve is a god help us all he can Carry the multiverse Matpat 4 months later: link can throw a black granite pillar and can hold his own against Steve

    UnityUnity13 päeva tagasi
  • and that is just one shulker box full

    dootdoot13 päeva tagasi
  • 2:16 atlas does hold up the world he holds up the sky

    WaByJo JohnstonWaByJo Johnston13 päeva tagasi
  • Uhh, he forgot the shulkers....

    Tony StarkTony Stark13 päeva tagasi
  • Austin you are the best

    Kk SrivastavaKk Srivastava13 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine how powerful the mobs are because they can kill steve with a few attacks

    Totally MeTotally Me13 päeva tagasi
    • yes how that actully works

      super gamersuper gamer13 päeva tagasi
  • Now put em in shulkers

    pokeman sansfanpokeman sansfan13 päeva tagasi
  • He can carry gold in shulker boxes which weigh more

    Hell BentHell Bent13 päeva tagasi