Game Theory: The Secret Fortnite Agenda NO ONE Is Talking About!

29 aug 2020
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Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has come out swinging recently. First it was at the Google Play Store, now it's out for Apple's App Store too. Sure, Epic Games says it's about them banning Fortnite from their stores, but I think there is something much BIGGER going on. What exactly? Well, it's written plainly in their own legal documents - they want to open their OWN app store and to do so, they need to break down the monopolies already dominating the markets.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • As a business student this was so interesting to watch please make more videos like this!!!

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  • bro your super smart... most of that went way over my head.

    Owen KenzieOwen Kenzie27 minutit tagasi
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  • SO is epic or apple right?

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  • I dont like Fortnite or legal stuff too much, but this was AMAZING to hear, so interesting!

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  • I kinda want him to do more videos on fortnite :0)

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  • Epic : haha fortnite mine noobs Microsoft : haha! Minecraft go BRRRRR

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  • I had to download epic games coz fortnite is not in my Google app store

    Alexander SupertrampAlexander SupertrampPäev tagasi
  • V bucks are no £6 in Britain not £8

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  • meanwhile the C.E.O of Epic Games: i guess this guy knows our strategy that we didnt even think about better than we do.

    PatiZPatiZPäev tagasi

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  • wtf i didnt know that mr epic was this smart

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  • Ooooohhhhh fortnite got busted. Still playing tho Edit: wait I'm I tripping in one of the parts in the vidoe it says that sometimes or so they don't pay there taxes right? I did research that they are one of the top in the world to pay "35"BILLON" of dollars in 3 years" hmmmmmm wait aren't you the guy that stole a vidoe from a layer and got sewed? I'm confison.

    hello how are you I'm under da waterhello how are you I'm under da water2 päeva tagasi
  • You did not go back far enough to unpack. If you look at the debate on the 1996 National Information Infrastructure Task Force, which included recommendations which later became the TPM/DRM section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998. Those of us who were not monopolists like --- err --- EPIC, Microsoft, Apple, Macrovision, etc were opposed to this law, as we realized it would grant hardware manufacturers far too much market control. DRM it not something you put on music, movies, or games to stop it from being able to be copied (IE: content isn't alive, and can't make decisions. Harry Potter is not a documentary!). DRM is software that runs on hardware that ensures the manufacturer (or some other third party) rather than the owner of the device has control. You then encrypt the content so that it can only be decrypted on devices where the owner has no control -- and presto, you have DRM. EPIC is not the victim here, unless being a victim of your own stupidity is what we are accusing them of.

    Russell McOrmondRussell McOrmond2 päeva tagasi
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  • I love how you got of topic with fortnite you just went to epic games google and Apple

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  • MY THEORY Epic games is actually trying to become famous since this is 2020 and most people are playing more games. Going against apple might give them more fame and make people play it more. BUT in order to do that use the EPIC GAME STORE THAT THEY WILL MAKE so that people will want to get it since it's ONLY ON THAT and if EPIC GAMES makes more FANTASTIC GAMES, IT WILL MEAN THAT MORE PEOPLE will use THAT App Store than APPLE itself. THIS ALSO EXPLAINS WHY in 2020, because people are at home more often and will most likely play more games. BUT HEY! THATS JUST A GUESS!

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  • If Epic wants their own App Store they can make their own phones and OS. I hope they lose.

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  • Epic: we will make our own store users: nah we wont use it Epic: why? Oh you haven't heard of kalrson we're the number 27th in the most wishlisted game on steam. help us get to number 1 hueberb

    Miguel ManMiguel Man5 päeva tagasi

    Harlan YoungHarlan Young5 päeva tagasi

    Harlan YoungHarlan Young5 päeva tagasi
  • Steam = domination Epic store and their exclusivity contracts = monopoly. Steam spends money on self improving, epic store spends money on forcing players to use their awful launcher

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  • Fortnite is partnering up with House party ( Having webcams when playing with friends) and recently they bought Hyprface ( animated face tracking ) so get ready to see the western version of vtubers come to life

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  • I hope that the epic app store is better than the epic games store. If you have ever used the epic games store it's SUPER SLOW. It isn't as great as steam. Steam has taken a lot of time to actually have a good laucher. Epic, not so much. But that's just my opinion.

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