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7 märts 2020
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For years I have watched Creators struggle to keep up with the ever changing EEworld guidelines and algorithms, get taken advantage of by MCNs and merch companies, and more. This includes me! We all remember the DEFY situation. I've talked at length in previous videos about the struggle of making money on EEworld what with COPPA and trying to stay advertiser friendly. Enough is enough, Theorists. It's time we take back control of our content. For a while now I've been quietly working on ways to help build a better EEworld and today is the day I am spilling all those secrets!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • squeegee 😀 Thank you

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  • Senpai Market is also one of the companies which source its own merch and is a hub of many different artists and YT'bers merch.

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  • Hey, Matpat....how's that "Building a Better EEworld" going in light of the new TOS that reserves Susan the right of "monetizing" non-partnership program channels and keeping the money for herself? Should I actually believe that this organized crime platform has a legitimate motivation to share revenue with me simply because I might one day hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. We could use an update from you.

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  • Squeegee...that feels wrong

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  • pls shave

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  • Please this is something that has to be done to restore the joy and soul of youtube

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  • You know that he knows what he’s doing when a 16 year old kid who doesn’t even have a camera in his home is watching a video about video creators and what they should be worried and the answers he’s been making because he cares. Btw only like 5 mins in the video rn.

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  • Hes slowly shifting from game theory to real life theory.

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  • he has a beard and mustache

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  • Ya looked older at 14 dude

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  • Mappat is saving creators

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  • Wait minors can’t be paid anymore? :c I don’t have stable parents (i get kicked out a lot threatened to be put up for adoption ya’ know) i was hoping that youtube still payed minors if they get big. my friends and i know ‘m getting kicked out in 4 years when ‘m a legally an adult that or im leaving myself. Honestly youtube was my first choice as a way to gain money since its something fun i like talking as you can see

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  • How do you even spell sqeadgy?

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  • This is the first time theres a theory theory. A theory in a theory . Meta theory in game theorists

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  • Please do a theory on the lore of bug fables

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  • i quit creating content because of all the nonsense.

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  • Mat looks way too similar to Jacksepticeye. Literally looks like a Walmart Jack.

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  • And one more thing if you think matpats clickbaiting then u surely realse not to click a game theory vid if matpat is in his couch on the thumbnial

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  • =( after seeing the facial hear i think young matpat was once handsome R.I.P young matpat

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  • Yes the beard is making you look like grandpa matpat

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  • Mat: Chris am I old Chris: ...... nooooo. Lol

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  • A few people say that ooh, EEworldrs are so dumb for trusting these scammers, but if those people were in the same situations that the scammed EEworldrs were in, they'd recognize that the allure of esay riches and super fame for just one signature can be easy to fall into.

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  • I think his issue is his hair

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  • Squigi i finished it

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  • "Squigia" Also thank you for all of your hard work as always, and that you for your effort to make EEworld a better place. And to make Gamers not looked down by society. That's not coming from specifically this video, but also you videos from the past talking about our bad reputation, ect Thank You Mat Pat!!! ^-^

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  • Sqweege squeegee I don't know

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  • Sqwejee just like you asked at 24:34 MatPat, and yes I did find it interesting, honestly I actually think that business is pretty interesting at least in the way that you explain it, and I'm glad you're talking about it, because it's way more interesting than it seams, so thanks for sharing this with the world, it's awesome!

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  • Matpat : you don't know what you don't know you know Me: umm that don't make much sense teach

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  • plot twist: matpat is just trying to look more and more like vsauce

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  • Everybody gangsta till Mr Beast is on the waitlist twice

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  • You should make a channel about cancel culture.

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  • MatPat with a beard gives me the “strangely familiar places with unnerving music” kind of vibe

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  • Me: Nothing Me after seeing Cellbit in a MatPat background for a couple seconds: Como assim carai??

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  • what about lttstore.com (talking about the merch sectoion)

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  • 0:25 don’t count

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  • God... I'm full of copyright in my videos 😂

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  • I accidentally got reported for copyright on a song I made on band lab from someone with 2 subs that I didn’t know existed and hadn’t been active on EEworld for a year I was very scared and I’m sorry and I have deleted the vid

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