Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!

13 dets 2015
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With the FNAF Halloween update finished and Scott moving on to the Five Nights at Freddy's novel and the upcoming FNAF World, it's time we look back and finally put to rest the original FNAF tetrology. We have all the pieces...but what are we missing? Scott Cawthon have us theorists some clues to go off of during our Five Nights at Freddy's livestream, which led to new revelations and me to discover the clue that breaks the entire FNAF series wide open! Prepare to have your mind blown!
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  • Ok I get the part of the alarm clock in the hospital but do you really think that a hospital would have a closet?

    Sam NouriSam Nouri14 minutit tagasi
  • If I was c.c., I would have died from fear by now. Damn he brave

    Cookie BearCookie Bear31 minut tagasi
  • I like how the intro says save them. Xd also maybe the fan is the one that makes the animatronics attack? Or maybe they attack u because they hear the purple man voice recording. Or maybe he did that so the animatronics attack and kill u while he kills the other kids. Its like a double kill

    the foxthe foxTund tagasi
  • little does 2015 matpat know...its FAR from over LOL

    Sleepy PandaSleepy Panda2 tundi tagasi
  • Scottsworld just up load a new video called fnaf+

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra2 tundi tagasi
  • Wait, did we all just remember this video and be like, “yeah, I’ll watch it again cuz why not”

    DonutDonut3 tundi tagasi
  • Scott Cawthon wants to know ur location

    Diabetic ZillaDiabetic Zilla4 tundi tagasi
  • i just notice you know the light blue pixel person he is a hint of were toy chica beack is so like the little thin in the back of the pixel person headis small just likeher beack

    Kai KingKai King5 tundi tagasi
  • The psychotic record greely rain because layer phenomenologically like notwithstanding a acid back. tough, bad elizabeth

    Zachariah HebigZachariah Hebig6 tundi tagasi
  • What about sister location, is it a dream or is it real?

    jose Martinezjose Martinez7 tundi tagasi
  • scott if he sees this video : its..... acceptable

    patrica holwerdapatrica holwerda8 tundi tagasi
  • 10:00 why is there shadow freddy under the cloak?

    god_of_potato 93god_of_potato 939 tundi tagasi
  • what about glitchtrap where does he come in this

    Troy HankinTroy Hankin10 tundi tagasi
  • Today we sovle fanf Scott cawthon:* laughs in games*

    MagicMagic10 tundi tagasi
  • Mat this is a good theory but I’m confused if the first place (fnaf1) then where did foxy come from I know he was on the tv but I thought they were only animatronics in fnaf1 someone explain

    Ever BoyEver Boy11 tundi tagasi
  • Ok i really like this Theory but something is missing idk what but something...

    Michelle SchreierMichelle Schreier11 tundi tagasi
  • Fnaf was actually real because I looked it up on google and it said sister location closed so it must of been opened some time

    Scarlett SkinnerScarlett Skinner12 tundi tagasi
  • i do not mind if its just a dream

    Zainab AliZainab Ali12 tundi tagasi
  • that makes so much sense but what about sister location

    Petster roastPetster roast16 tundi tagasi
    • This video was made before sister location

      Under FNAFUnder FNAF15 tundi tagasi
  • Was this going to be the case until Scott made more games because Scott made it seem like it was in the mind of the child but now we know that’s not the case

    SunFloraSunFlora18 tundi tagasi

    {Psycho moonlight}{Psycho moonlight}21 tund tagasi
  • Me coming back here five years Later still fitting in- Heeeyyy what's up guys!

    WeebzWeebz21 tund tagasi
  • ladies and gentlemen we ha goteem

    Andrewman725Andrewman72523 tundi tagasi
  • oh yes definitely solved it

    Andrewman725Andrewman72523 tundi tagasi
  • EEworld thumbnails be like

    HkayakHHkayakH23 tundi tagasi
  • mmm yellow skittle

    evv emilyevv emilyPäev tagasi
  • Hey I saw dowko

    Teddy LeightonTeddy LeightonPäev tagasi
  • Mat: “Today we solve FNAF” FNAF and Scott: “I always come back”

    Aaden LopezAaden LopezPäev tagasi
  • Im laughing bc there’s literally gonna be over 20 more fnaf lore vids

    Derrick WardDerrick WardPäev tagasi
  • i don't know fnaf anymore

    Rylee CadenheadRylee CadenheadPäev tagasi
  • it's not coret

    szadoł mortszadoł mortPäev tagasi
  • fnaf 5 what witch fnaf 5

    szadoł mortszadoł mortPäev tagasi
  • I think fnaf 2 did happen because in fnaf 1 the phone guy mentions the bite of 87 and fnaf 1 dod happen and the only game that happens in 1987 is fnaf 2 so it should be real and the fnaf 2 toys in fnaf 4 might just be merch

    Mr PenguinMr PenguinPäev tagasi
  • Fnaf is literally never gonna end

    SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]Päev tagasi
  • Awww man, Miss the days when the crying child was his own separate character, and not Michael Afton

    Enhanced PopsicleEnhanced PopsiclePäev tagasi
  • "Today we solve fnaf" me already solved fnaf :Uhhhh actually I figured out the afton family backstory-

    Erica AllmanErica AllmanPäev tagasi
  • My headphones are so bad he sounds like a nightmare animatronic

    Dr.gengar125Dr.gengar125Päev tagasi
  • Today we solve all mystery’s of FNAF! Scott cawthon: **high pitched demonic screeching**

    Neko_gumm :pNeko_gumm :pPäev tagasi
  • DREAM theory is literally just Giorno’s Requiem

    OhumsorryOhumsorryPäev tagasi
  • "Today..we solve fnaf" Scott: *are you sure about that*

    Tammy STammy SPäev tagasi
  • The cruel list rarely delay because sleep intermittently heat aside a scintillating plaster. fretful, ethereal swim

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher WilliamsPäev tagasi
  • Are you sure about that #2021

    XavierXavierPäev tagasi

    Kurt KolbKurt KolbPäev tagasi
  • WHAT 111

    Gabriel MontanaroGabriel MontanaroPäev tagasi
  • Noooo, the dream theory sucks

    SlimeBetelRoSlimeBetelRoPäev tagasi
  • well technically its not a dream its a game...

    Lilli PlayzLilli PlayzPäev tagasi
  • it doesnt chime the same thing

    Gamer ESAGamer ESAPäev tagasi
  • Me:🤯🤯

    Seb GamerSeb GamerPäev tagasi
  • i think the video is fake :)

    its weirdozzits weirdozzPäev tagasi
  • So we are the Crying child cause you told it was just a dream that wanted to be a employe when he grows up

    Johan Adolf Franco CastilloJohan Adolf Franco CastilloPäev tagasi
  • bruh oh and stop covid-19 and pls stop this karma

    Aaesha Anika LopezAaesha Anika LopezPäev tagasi
  • Wow when I was little my mom would say when I was scared she said it was just a dream

    Marcos PeraltaMarcos PeraltaPäev tagasi
  • I've played and completed all the games, so I actually praised this together AND SEEING THIS VIDEO IS SO COOL!!!

    Tattumi CipherTattumi CipherPäev tagasi
  • FINNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FNAF IS SOLVED i dont mint a percent that is a dream im just glad its solved and i feel bad for poor scott

    • This video was made 5 years ago and matpat himself said it was wrong

      Under FNAFUnder FNAF15 tundi tagasi
  • wow this makes my brain hurt

    Margaret GeorgeMargaret GeorgePäev tagasi
  • Scott Cawthon: *snores bcz fnaf games are over*

    Flame GamesFlame GamesPäev tagasi
  • Matpat needs to learn the meaning of final for real.

    Christina LewisChristina LewisPäev tagasi
  • four games 1 night boo

    CHARLoTe'S R I C OCHARLoTe'S R I C OPäev tagasi
  • Its makes so much more since now that we think of it as a dream

    sydney rinkesydney rinkePäev tagasi
  • bold claim to call yourself a FNaF Theorist, Matthew FEAR Patrick.

    NoGameNoLife BruhNoGameNoLife BruhPäev tagasi
  • Who's here during our ✨second quarantine 2021✨

    Creative KiwiCreative KiwiPäev tagasi
  • Today we solve.. FNAF

    •-Sweet Empire-••-Sweet Empire-•Päev tagasi

    Wolfer_565_WolferWolfer_565_WolferPäev tagasi
  • Did you just use undertale determination soul i thought this was a fanf thereh

    Jordan MajokJordan MajokPäev tagasi
  • I hate this video.

    the F in the chatthe F in the chatPäev tagasi
  • My nickname is timmy

    Tj TimmyTj Timmy2 päeva tagasi
  • I knew the beak was there the whole time....

    PixelFix5050PixelFix50502 päeva tagasi
  • in fnaf 4 thers 2 doors but in the mini game theres one

    R FR F2 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t wanna believe this but it makes so much sense!! Is there a there more to this Theory for the game after fnaf 4???

    Frog -Frog -2 päeva tagasi
    • @Under FNAF ik it was made 5 years ago thats why I'm asking if there is more to this theory

      Frog -Frog -14 tundi tagasi
    • This video was made 5 years ago and he said it was wrong

      Under FNAFUnder FNAF15 tundi tagasi
  • Vid:gives me the answer Me:🤐

    Stacy SmithStacy Smith2 päeva tagasi
  • “It’s all done” Me: remember when life was this simple?

    Danganronpa SkitsDanganronpa Skits2 päeva tagasi
  • But, the thing is that 'purple guy' is WILLIAM AFTON THE DUDE WHO LITERALLY MADE THE ANIMATRONICS AND IS 'THE CRYING CHILD'S' *DAD*! SO..... (Andiematronic told me a lot more but those details were from 'disconnected' and 'Afton'

    Sophia CampbellSophia Campbell2 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah this video came out 5 years ago and he is most likely the person who said purple guy is William afton

      Under FNAFUnder FNAF15 tundi tagasi
  • Matt: "No More Fnaf 5 Rumors" Scott & Fnaf fans in [insertyear]: "hehe"

    Joshua RodriguezJoshua Rodriguez2 päeva tagasi
  • Oh- Its 2015 on your thing- Well- If you are a TRUE fan you would know that William has a personal hell aka (UCN) aka (Ultimate Custom Night) and Most of Chris' NM's are there so William should not be surprised from seeing Chris' Nightmares...- : ) some people say that all of this is just Chris' nightmares or him still being in that stupid coma! Wait so- FNaF isnt real- its just Chris' in his coma\Having nightmares?!

    HimikoTogaHimikoToga2 päeva tagasi
    • @Under FNAF No im saying that to ALL the gachatubers out there that made William surprised cuz its possible that they see it

      HimikoTogaHimikoToga10 tundi tagasi
    • Dude this video was made in 2015 UCN wasn't out back then it was only the first 4 games and he knows alot more then you

      Under FNAFUnder FNAF15 tundi tagasi
  • And purple guy was the "bad guy" cause he was the one in the back room

    Darcy RiegerDarcy Rieger2 päeva tagasi
  • for any of the people who think the nightmares are possessed They're not. THE NIGHTMARES ARE ILLUSIONS. THE ILLUSION DISKS ARE MADE BY WILLIAM TO STOP THE CRYING CHILD FROM ESCAPING TO FNAF 2. Done :)

    thecooldogthecooldog2 päeva tagasi
  • Probably my favorite series from game theory although at the time I was little and i was scarred of this game but I loved watching this stuff then I bought a night light so I wouldn’t be scarred at night 💀

    DegreeTVDegreeTV2 päeva tagasi
  • People who make gacha videos of FNaF be like:oh no The aftons:oh no Every FNaF crarter:oh no no no no no Scott Cawton:oh no-o oh no-o Me:oh wow wow wow wow wow

    Andjelka AnjaAndjelka Anja2 päeva tagasi
  • The dream of the crying child is very big this child-

    •Doggie Lover••Doggie Lover•2 päeva tagasi
  • "Today... We Solve FNaF" Me : **Laughs In 2021 Because Security Breach(7th or 8th game in the series) is Coming**

    XTreme GamerXTreme Gamer2 päeva tagasi
  • Hmmmm intewesting

    Darkness GamingDarkness Gaming2 päeva tagasi
  • -laughs in 3011-

    Futuristic AltFuturistic Alt2 päeva tagasi
  • Video: **Speaks** Me: Shut your bubble gum dum dum mouth

    Franchesca PernoFranchesca Perno2 päeva tagasi

    keilah amoguiskeilah amoguis2 päeva tagasi
  • I wish it had a darker story. This theory seems right but................. it ruined the way i look at the game.

    Harland RiddickHarland Riddick2 päeva tagasi
  • (Thumbnail) *oh* *yes* *we* *missed* *the* *darkness*

    MedicMedic2 päeva tagasi
  • But the aftons is real

    poocholo laguna espenidapoocholo laguna espenida2 päeva tagasi
  • Whyyyyy u just ruined my lifeeee That was sarcasm

    A l e x x xA l e x x x2 päeva tagasi
  • Kid telling a urbran legend?? Toy chica's Missing beak?? Wow

    Ronald dakinRonald dakin2 päeva tagasi
  • Hohoho! *You mortal fools* **Cackles and rubs hands together in 20221**

    -0M3RCY0 --0M3RCY0 -2 päeva tagasi
    • I- I meant 2021, but I prefer this

      -0M3RCY0 --0M3RCY0 -2 päeva tagasi
  • No 😢🔪 It can't be a dream my whole life would be ruined

    Angelica GallegosAngelica Gallegos2 päeva tagasi
    • Later theories imply that it wasn't all a dream.

      Calvin EtsonCalvin Etson2 päeva tagasi
  • 0:00 "Today we solve Fnaf" Me: ~laughs in seeing 30+ fnaf theory videos after this one~

    The-Random- PhanThe-Random- Phan2 päeva tagasi
  • We were so young back then. I wish things were simpler today...

    not_elienot_elie2 päeva tagasi
  • Hold on who's the security guy

    Ana MarieAna Marie3 päeva tagasi
  • "Today we solve fnaf" oh honey..

    Lillian HarringtonLillian Harrington3 päeva tagasi
  • never knew

    Carter MartinCarter Martin3 päeva tagasi
  • Oh... god... It makes Sense... Top much Sense...

    crow wcrow w3 päeva tagasi
  • "four games one story" us 6 years later: "Theres no more story"

    Mia HernandezMia Hernandez3 päeva tagasi
  • *dabbing puppet*

    Ash Lava KatAsh Lava Kat3 päeva tagasi
    • *dabs*

      not_elienot_elie2 päeva tagasi
  • nO mOrE mE rUmOrS? >:00

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton3 päeva tagasi