Game Theory: How Minecraft BROKE YouTube!

7 mai 2017
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MINECRAFT is one of the few games that beat all the odds to make History, becoming one of the World’s Most Popular Games Ever. But how did this happen? Minecraft sales were stagnating and then the game shot onto the World Stage out of Nowhere! Well, it all has to do with our dear platform, EEworld. In this episode, I explain how EEworld made Minecraft, how Minecraft then Broke EEworld, and how EEworld then tried to Kill it!
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  • Completely agree. The amount of work it's taken me to claw my way back up has been astronomically higher than it took for my channel to climb back in 2011 & 2012. When OneChannel hit, everything changed. I mean, I was making garbage content from 2014 through the middle of 2016, so that much is my own fault anyways. Good stuff Mat!

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    • Who read this in his voice?

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    • hi huge fan btw

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    • @The Game Theorists The best channel on EEworld is yours

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    • hi

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    • ELLO MATE!!! It's been a while

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  • Choir Practice Mat seriously I did not expect that. Plus I am proud of you for saving a life

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  • At the end of the intro I think some Pokémon let the game theory out. lol

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  • Comeon matpat have some mercy Your channel is older than me 🤣 (i was born in 2009 December 11)

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  • There was a add on this video from a game that looks good

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  • Video is casualy longer then 15 minutes

  • Also Dream came

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  • lol i watched the intro and i actually got into thinking if i was in the wrong yt channel

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  • MatPat: *finds ded body* me: *Logan Paul 2018 flashbacks*

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  • Thumbnail EEworld killed Minecraft Title Minecraft killed EEworld

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    • Broke

      Bongo FettBongo Fett5 päeva tagasi
  • Grim reaper: it's time to go Minecraft: was i a good game Grim reaper: no Also Grim reaper: i'm told you were the best

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  • best selling game of all time now

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  • Well i dont know why they use minecraft bedrock edition

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  • 7:17 i half expected dream lol

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  • The thumbnail says youtube killed mc, but the title says mc broke youtube.

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  • Lol 3 years ago

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  • 16:06 huh..didnt know EEworld was a game Dx

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  • Name: How Minecraft BROKE EEworld Thumbnail: The Opposite

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    • IK This is old

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  • Imagine sunset gaming. EEworld: *Cracks knuckles*

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  • Now this is excellent deduction. Matt would make a good archeologist.

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  • this video aged well

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  • 3 years to early

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  • 2021

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  • The titel says that minecraft broke youtube but the thumbnail says that youtube broke minecraft? **Visible Confusion**

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  • Maybe cause minecraft is taking more codes that might broke youtube ?

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  • Welp...

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  • I just clicked this video cause of dantdm that is one of my favorite youtubers

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  • Feels Like An Attack On Stampylonghead

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  • Welcome to 2020 mat pat, where Minecraft is one of the biggest, quickest growing platforms

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  • Not anymore

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  • O might be a bit scary do not threat the tdk

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  • Dantdm lol

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  • Beginning: OH MY GOD PLS STOP

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  • No that’s not right

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  • Title: How Minecraft broke EEworld Thumbnail: How EEworld killed minecraft

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  • That accent doe...

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  • gaming isn't that powerful anymore

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    • What

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  • i'm in in lets play and never seen butterfly effect

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    • @Alec M i am 8

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    • Lemme guess, ur 7?

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  • reverse smort

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  • Remember this is before village and pillage update

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  • The title: How EEworld broke minecraft The Thumbnail: How Minecraft broke youtube Wait what-

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  • Did anyone realize that the thumbnail differed from the title of the video completly.

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  • It scared me for a bit

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  • Title: Minecraft breaks EEworld Thumbnail: EEworld kills Minecraft

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  • Title: Minecraft is KILLING EEworld! Thumbnail: EEworld is KILLING Minecraft!

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  • Rip that viking guy

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  • you're talking about the domino effect, the butterfly effect means for example if you randomly touch something on the way to school/work that could do something drastic that has nothing to do with it

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  • your intro is outa this world

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  • I can’t believe 2-3 years ago Minecraft was 2nd

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  • How minecraft kil utube b-but it says on the tumbnail utube kil it Lollll

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  • The real question is who pressed start in the intro

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  • You might wanna change your thumbnails its super confusing

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  • The intro hurts my mind. A lot

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  • 55

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  • I like how on the thumbnail it says “EEworld broke Minecraft!” But the title is Minecraft broke EEworld lol

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  • Future children of Yogscast viewers: Mommy, Mommy what's that? The parent: That's a ripoff sweetie.

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  • Gaming is in my home page suckers

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  • Such a wierd intro

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  • Indie success: shows smiling Indiana Jones. Lol

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  • the title and thumbnail are different from each other

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  • Still one of the best intros on youtube

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  • this aged like fine milk

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  • Yes, I remember when EEworld was better, when fortnite wasn’t that big, when everyday after school I would come and watch stampy and dantdm..

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  • Dream: oh okay yeah :(

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  • Adlof H. Moustache Man was a soldier in WW1 and one time a bomb hit his camp. He left the camp just a few minutes ago and he didn't die beacuse of that. Then you know, history happened. So 60-80M people died beacuse Moustache Man wasn't lazy that day. Boom. Butterfly effect.

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  • Hi 0:52

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  • They also revived it

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  • I have not watched it yet... Which one is it? How Minecraft BROKE youtube (The title) or how EEworld KILLED MINECRAFT (The thumbnail) WHO KILLED WHO?

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  • this is a great intro

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  • Minecraft is Thanos when he says that iconic speech in the start of Infinty war.

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  • JOKES ON YOU -2020

  • lol l was born in septembert 7th

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  • Thumbnail: YT killed MC Title: MC killed YT

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  • Thumbnail - EEworld broke Minecraft Title - Minecraft broke EEworld Me - visible confusion

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  • This episode contains my favorite gamer (no offense to get live) and the best game explainer

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  • Distribution IS acquisition

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  • Omg I thought I was in a wrong channel

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  • I kinda miss the old intro

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  • "A single channel having 2 to 3 videos on the home page! A SINGLE CHANNEL!" 2019 Dream: Are you challenging me?

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  • This aged like milk

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  • Therapist: Hairy cat potato is not real. It can't hurt you Hairy cat potato: 4:45

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  • Great Thumbnail

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  • Let me explain, EEworldrs didn’t try to kill it, EEworld itself probably did because the whole platform was “infected” by Minecraft video.

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  • Thumbnail: EEworld KILLED MINECRAFT Title: How Minecraft BROKE EEworld Me: *Visible Confusion*

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  • he predicted the future. DREAM STANS RUINED MINECRAFT!

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  • Matpat: and then it stopped. Ad: hey there. I'm natasha.

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  • title how minecraft broke youtube thumbnail youtube killed minecraft

    the ugly pug gaming channel lol C H E E S E lolthe ugly pug gaming channel lol C H E E S E lolМісяць tagasi
  • Omg you know unspeakable I mean you used his clip so you know him right.................................................?

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  • I hate EEworld for this! How dare they let animations get less popular #animationsrule!

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  • Mat pat I like your vids but DON'T DISRESPECT THE OG DANTDM

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  • minecraft will never die

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  • I like you mentioned rooster teeths macinima then said it belonged to the channel macinima lol

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  • i bet i could beat matt on mario kart 8 deluxe

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  • Yaaaaaay a corpsey worpsey

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  • I love your videos

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  • Correction 13.5 million

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  • I just watch what I like in fact until now I never even noticed a change as I just searched for something I liked example: while looking around for a good game I found another channel with a game that I liked and you just happen to be brought up in it so I searched for your channel and found more content that I liked then that other channel hense why I subscribed to yours and not that other channel.

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  • Imagine if one of those billion of views was a guy who didn’t hire you

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