Game Theory: How to Overthrow a Dictator (Far Cry 6)

12 juuli 2020
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The Far Cry series has a long history of charismatic and not so good leaders in their games. They are games with a deep dive into how bad leaders come into power... and how they stay there. Now, the games generally focus on bringing down these bad leaders - and they do a great job. I've learned a LOT and it follows many of the lessons we've learned throughout our own history on the subject. If we know how a bad leader stays in power, we can figure out how to take that power away. Get ready for a power lesson in Game Theory!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Matpat, as a Mexican, fearing my life, and what is to come, I thank you. I don’t know what is to come, or if I’ll ever know how to use this information, but I appreciate you and the hope you have give the planet. I also thank you in the way you talk about important stuff, keep the good work.

    alex falex f4 місяці tagasi
    • @The Servermonitor their president let one of the most powerful mafia leaders out of jail because the mob kept causing chaos he’s not a good president

      Al CAl C15 tundi tagasi
    • @고등 지능 ODINS trash equal rights equal fights... Im sorry im just trying to lighten the mood

      Ognen MihajlovskiOgnen Mihajlovski13 päeva tagasi
    • 1 get a army 2 get radio stations gooding asap 3 let the peaplo fight off there "leader"

      music entitymusic entity14 päeva tagasi
    • I think giving him all the 50 cal weapons rounds shotguns and rpg akimbo also snipers

      Ron Ashly GalangRon Ashly Galang22 päeva tagasi
    • @Mast gamer I think he’s talking about Mexico’s politics hopefully not America’s otherwise than he might be misinformed.

      Smitty SmithSmitty Smith25 päeva tagasi
  • Man I needed that 1934🤔

    SebastianSebastian23 tundi tagasi
  • Hong Kong is playing this game every day...

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  • You don’t I support them

    Black NoseBlack Nose2 päeva tagasi
  • You for gotten that guy from Mexico

    Abraham LopezAbraham Lopez2 päeva tagasi
  • If shadow kids has taught me anything, dictators will kill anyone, no matter the age or gender.

    missingindymissingindy3 päeva tagasi
  • My favorite antagonist in a far cry game is pegan min

    tater anustater anus4 päeva tagasi
  • I want a game with matpat, stephanie and Oliver as npc

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  • Simple it's taking out his heir's or people who would take control upon his death. Also make him look bad then go after him when his people are rioting, and haveing resources to spare.

    Roman ShantaRoman Shanta5 päeva tagasi
  • 3:56 or islamic repablic of iran four 40years

    Freak GamerFreak Gamer6 päeva tagasi
  • That was the clip not the pin 😂

    Sergio AvalosSergio Avalos10 päeva tagasi
  • 11:55 Ahh game theory This map is 2 contries wrong confirmed Poland and hal of germany was under the rule of the soviets

    Dr MysteryDr Mystery12 päeva tagasi
  • I've heard of game but don't know what's it's about?

    Shikido SanShikido San13 päeva tagasi
  • Wait that’s a boy!?

    Good gamesGood games14 päeva tagasi
  • d i e g o

    cookiee -cookiee -14 päeva tagasi
  • Yo I thought it was a movie

    Mason TewsMason Tews14 päeva tagasi
  • y u holding a sign with you're elbow

    danny richdanny rich15 päeva tagasi
  • Just open the Admin Codex by pressing the shift and G keys, and type “game.ruler.gone” and press enter and BOOM you got em! NOTE! CAN BE APLIED TO REAL LIFE

    Salted_CaramelSalted_Caramel16 päeva tagasi
  • Im romanian

    Jumolea AndreiJumolea Andrei16 päeva tagasi
  • Objectives: 1. Destroy North Korea's towers

    Nitesh KumarNitesh Kumar16 päeva tagasi
  • French resistance after the video: ;-;

    Why did you forget?Why did you forget?16 päeva tagasi
  • Did he forget about China?

    Ben SwansenBen Swansen17 päeva tagasi
  • I love Far Cry so much

    go speed fast mango speed fast man17 päeva tagasi
  • So what you are saying is this: The reason Anton can stay in power is because he has such control over his county’s information that he can falsify the approval ratings his citizens have of him. Ergo, they do not believe they can stage a revolt or protest because they are made to believe they are alone with their ambitions of protest. If this is what you are saying then I feel like I should point out the people are already revolting in Yara, which would mean the dominos are already falling. I guess the focus of the game is speeding up the fall of Antons dynasty. I personally would love to see more videos on game theory because it sounds super interesting.

    Darth Plagueis The wiseDarth Plagueis The wise17 päeva tagasi
  • How to overthrow a dictator The Government wants to know your location

    Ross WashingtonRoss Washington17 päeva tagasi
  • How come giancalro's always the bad guy He was the dentist from payday 2, Gus from breaking bad and now a dictator in far cry 6

    send helpsend help18 päeva tagasi
  • no it’s not gustavo fring it’s the dentist from payday 2

    Default DanDefault Dan18 päeva tagasi
  • One more thing: even though North Korea doesn’t know that better lives exist even if we go there and spread the word that a better life exists the North Korea regime brain wash’s the ppl so they learn to hate us too

    Ryan HollidayRyan Holliday19 päeva tagasi
  • Ubisoft stole my evil roblox roleplay character

    Unpronounceable NameUnpronounceable Name19 päeva tagasi
  • Any Peruvian watching this video right now: this information is worth millions

    Daekoneno GamerDaekoneno Gamer19 päeva tagasi
  • "As two faced as possible" nice

  • Thanks for the tutorial! Gonna need this for when extrene right in Europe dominates!

    cringenilocringenilo19 päeva tagasi
  • Me being a dominican gets amazed every single time i see something in the internet about us

    will the gamer prowill the gamer pro19 päeva tagasi
  • will the main character will be silent like far cry 4 and 5

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  • You can't hide that scp foundation sign from me, matpat

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  • Simple just give a guy who has no combat experience or gun experience some guns and wait a few months

    First name last nameFirst name last name20 päeva tagasi
  • Wait, thats moff gideon !

    Stig WolfStig Wolf22 päeva tagasi
  • What about glasnost in Russia (soviet union) that was transparency mikhail Gorbachev ALLOWED the states to leave the only reason why they did leave was because they DID know of a better world and they didn’t immediately start saying the Soviet Union sucked (well it did) but they were let out Romania fought they’re way out but that’s the only one that did.

    very Odd?very Odd?23 päeva tagasi

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  • *gets mauled by a bear takes bullet out of arm* HmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMm

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  • On problem: Following leaders out of fear is the weakness of a corrupt leader.

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  • Thanks time to overthrow America

    xAnthony22 3xAnthony22 323 päeva tagasi
    • oh you poor soul

      SUCC THE THOTSSUCC THE THOTS20 päeva tagasi
  • I think mayday is a villan

    bumkin ladbumkin lad23 päeva tagasi
  • The US government swamp is doing exactly what MP is saying, controlling information, with a bunch of fake news

    BulmaAtTheMeccaBulmaAtTheMecca24 päeva tagasi
  • Thanks matpat! now the hard part.....becoming a dictator


    Liviu _Liviu _24 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh don't give the domestic terrorists ideas

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  • What about farcry primal

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  • 0:20 Was that a low key r*pe joke?

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  • Wait there’s a character named Diego? hAhA dIeGo BrAnDo Go BrRrRrRt

    Alex Sm.Alex Sm.25 päeva tagasi
  • I learnd to say some blah balh blah balh stufff of science and more blah blah blah blah From matpat

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  • A game I had a blast playing was Just Cause 3. This is relevant because the entire plot for the game is taking down and liberating the fictional country Medici from its tyrannical dictator General Di Revello. To do this you needed to destroy key facilities run by the governments, which included Radio towers, Sattelite Dishes, etc. But also weapons manufacturing facilities and a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting. There was a DLC but I haven't played it xD Edit: They used the Liberation Screen Effect that plays when you liberate a town or destroy a facility a couple times! :D

    AlixerAlixer25 päeva tagasi
  • Please explain why Machiavelli wasn't brought up. Please, I'm so confused given the topic of the episode.

    Bob BubblesBob Bubbles25 päeva tagasi
  • anton looks exactly like giancarlo, am i right?

    Gus O'ReillyGus O'Reilly25 päeva tagasi

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  • LOVE how this keeps getting recommended to me. ive already seen it but im doing it again, bc relevance. (note the date of this comment)

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  • Man this is really useful now in the USA

    Grimm GamezGrimm Gamez29 päeva tagasi
  • wheres new dawn

    Paul BothaPaul BothaМісяць tagasi
  • Me actually wondering how he teaches her the birds and the bees if you know what I mean 😪

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  • I love that he says there's not any towers in far cry 5 then starts talking about how in the past ones there were towers yet continues to show far cry 5 towers

    Zack AntoniottiZack AntoniottiМісяць tagasi
  • Spain whit Franco

    Israel Cunquero de oliveiraIsrael Cunquero de oliveiraМісяць tagasi
  • Freedom is the ability to say 1+1 = 2 if that is granted all else follows (George Orwell)

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  • Vas was "okay," at best.

    Jason BeardJason BeardМісяць tagasi
  • When I first saw this trailer, I thought we would be playing as Diego, turning on his father.

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  • Im haitian and i didnt know that.

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  • Now that I think about it, Tweak from Far Cry 5 might not just *sound* like Jesse...

    Rev WrothRev WrothМісяць tagasi
  • As a venezuelan running away around the world I thank you for this incredible source of information. Great channel! I love your videos

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  • In that picture is Mikhail Gorbachev the last leader of the full Soviet union he gives freedom to some country even to east germany

    Farraz AuliaFarraz AuliaМісяць tagasi
    • In minute 12:16

      Farraz AuliaFarraz AuliaМісяць tagasi
  • pulling the pin isnt activating the grenade.. its the safety.. he can hold it as long as he wants if the handle is still in place the grenade wont go off. i think you can even put the pin back in place if you dont want to use the grenade.. you should know this since you live in a country that sells grenades like the rest of us do fruits and vegetables

    FiNFiNМісяць tagasi
  • I want to get 1000 dislikes on this comment.

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  • Did he not do far cry 5?

    SnowyLiciousSnowyLiciousМісяць tagasi
  • Americans should take note.

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  • I see you trying to sneakily not mention China while mentioning abusive totalitarian regimes with media censorship there mat-pat

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  • This went from making food un spicy to overthrowing dictatorships. I love this channel lol.

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  • Did everyone forget about new dawn

    CritixCritixМісяць tagasi
  • Not 6

    CritixCritixМісяць tagasi
  • This is far cry 7

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  • MatPat's career history: 2012: cringy videos about how fast Sonic is 2016: Decent videos about Magneto 2019: Good videos about ghosts 2020: Videos about how to overthrow dictators, Winnie the Pooh's deadly diet, Empty choices, murder, cannibalism, Count Chocula's dark past and the worst of them all: Dad Jokes me: woah, woah, woah!! What happened here???!!??

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  • Just call the dictator winnie the pooh, its that simple.

    dino nuggies guydino nuggies guyМісяць tagasi
  • Does the man the myth the

    sokkasokkaМісяць tagasi
  • When Mat explain "silencing the media" part, it kinda hits me cause that's literally what's happening right now in Cambodia.

    Thyrayuth SaoThyrayuth SaoМісяць tagasi
  • Maduro no habla inglés, así q tranquilo

    Daniel Felipe Aguilar RojasDaniel Felipe Aguilar RojasМісяць tagasi
  • c*ina in a nutshell amr?

    GJSelectGJSelectМісяць tagasi
  • just call Rico Rodrigez, the dictator removal specialist!

    jack gamerprojack gamerproМісяць tagasi
  • This is actually happening today, all major news channels are corrupt and are talking about all this coronavius fake things. While all this is leading to totalitarian gouvernement controlling every possible person

    Student vonMaxStudent vonMaxМісяць tagasi
  • 1:52 wut abt far cry 5

    Last Chance 0o0Last Chance 0o0Місяць tagasi
  • Jamás creí ver a Pinochet en Game theory

  • This is VERY useful information now. Better add EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH to that list of dictatorships. Next thing is for people to realise how to determine truth from lies.

    El Has GamingEl Has GamingМісяць tagasi
  • Yeah you know it's a creepy dictator when GUS FRING is the dictator!

    Ajila WayaAjila WayaМісяць tagasi
  • I saw lithuania I'm happy

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  • North Korea watching this Write this down write this down

    Darwood FeetDarwood FeetМісяць tagasi
  • I love far cry 3

    Akeksander BalogAkeksander BalogМісяць tagasi
  • And this is why silencing anyone that disagrees with you is wrong even if you are right. Because once any tool capable of censorship is created the count down begins until it is turned against you

    Salem NightlarkSalem NightlarkМісяць tagasi
  • This hasn’t aged well...

    Eiby VelasquezEiby VelasquezМісяць tagasi
  • Just remember both political sides can use this and only one has all the guns and ammunition

    Hero HaydenHero HaydenМісяць tagasi

    preslav playzpreslav playzМісяць tagasi
  • realy why why do they do that to my boy the bulgarian

    preslav playzpreslav playzМісяць tagasi
  • Ok something I see alot of people misunderstand in far cry5 is the plot. At the end of the campaign montana gets blown up by an explosion in the distance and everyone thought "wait what? God just blew us up?" well if you listen to the radio chatter when in a car you can hear people talking about a nuclear war between korea and America which leads to nukes getting sent out and blowing up montana which then leads to the events of farcry new dawn

    nob_mycornnob_mycornМісяць tagasi
  • Korea when people protest: so anyways I started blasting

    nob_mycornnob_mycornМісяць tagasi
  • It's kinda cool to see this game knows that pulling a pin on a grenade while holding the lever doesn't activate the fuse but rather when you let go of the lever

    nob_mycornnob_mycornМісяць tagasi