Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?

14 märts 2020
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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair - will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario's mustache to Geralt's manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!
*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Covid-19

    Destiny KarstDestiny Karst9 tundi tagasi
  • 😑Yes wearing gloves all the time is very effective that’s why I wear them while eating and doing everything else that I do all day I don’t even take them off to Wipe because why should I it’s just so damn effective

    Jaden MarieJaden Marie15 tundi tagasi
  • I wish there was a leakage that occurred through the sides of my mask ... I can tell when I’m breathing in my own carbon dioxide you know like when the air is still warm around that area and then I breathe it back in and then for some reason at the end of my shift I’m yawning a lot and I’m not tired it’s legit just trying to get air into my body but you know surgeons wear them while standing still for hours so me lifting a 48 pound box and running it a half a mile I don’t need that extra fresh air

    Jaden MarieJaden Marie15 tundi tagasi
  • Why would you ever have to go outside living in the real world you can literally get everything from Amazon even food like fruits and vegetables and meat you do not have to leave your house

    Jaden MarieJaden Marie15 tundi tagasi
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  • Sad note: The one most likely to come into contact with the virus would be in the medical industry. RIP Nurse Joy. 😭

    The Misfit OwlThe Misfit Owl2 päeva tagasi
  • Do one on if masks help you not catch infections or no

    The PugThe Pug3 päeva tagasi
  • This came out after 1 day Quarantine started it for me, First school said 2 Weeks, then 3. . then a Whole month, and another. . . and ended up Skipping the last year Of my school(Elementary.)

    Xlo The Protogen.Xlo The Protogen.3 päeva tagasi
  • What if someone touches Peach on the hand and then she can get it

    Rigoberto Ramirez Jr.Rigoberto Ramirez Jr.4 päeva tagasi
  • How about mr. Theorist

    Rigoberto Ramirez Jr.Rigoberto Ramirez Jr.4 päeva tagasi
  • How dare you. I am so disppointed.

    Metal MergeMetal Merge4 päeva tagasi
  • It's not even true because air will be reused in a plane. So you'll actually have a good chance to get infected even if you're 10+ feet apart from the infected person

    DragonflykunDragonflykun4 päeva tagasi
  • You are very out of touch

    Kobe RowlandKobe Rowland5 päeva tagasi
  • but the young link is young,clean-shaven, has good hygiene and does not interact with a lot of people.

    Aariz AbdullahAariz Abdullah5 päeva tagasi
  • this is pretty shitty tbh

    Sleepy_TearsSleepy_Tears5 päeva tagasi
  • MATDADDY!!!!

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  • Samus can just chill

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  • The pandemic is still in full force. Its almost Thanksgiving at this time.

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  • Ok mat daddy

    SupBoi ZdudeSupBoi Zdude7 päeva tagasi
  • doom slayer he got a suit and so does master chief and the guy that wears the hazmat suit

    ZΞUS࿐ animationsZΞUS࿐ animations7 päeva tagasi
  • I've always wondered how does Mario not have a concussion from hitting the coin box

    Beas OffspringBeas Offspring7 päeva tagasi
  • okay matdaddy

    jonah batisjonjonah batisjon7 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat taught me more than what i learn from the news

    Nate 2020Nate 20207 päeva tagasi
  • Master chief will never die

    levigameslevigames8 päeva tagasi
  • i'm just waiting for a car theory.

    CanadwCanadw8 päeva tagasi
  • Yo Matdaddy I love you but what about Chell from Portal I mean she spent half over her life in a lab and no facial hair?

    Alexander HaysAlexander Hays9 päeva tagasi
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  • coronavirus just say it

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  • Great video mat

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  • There’s also two big O miles does die and he and I seen sale

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  • Please don’t call mad Pat mad daddy like at all and I don’t want to master I mean mad Pat about you but you can’t get mad daddy because I don’t want you to call him at Daddyz resourcing I can do that makes you my favorite EEworld

    Abdulrahman AlriffaieAbdulrahman Alriffaie11 päeva tagasi
  • I thought roadhog would be most likely to die.

    Exploding CreeperExploding Creeper11 päeva tagasi
  • And this is why I hate EEworld because it's Communistic. Alternative title "Game Theory: Who Will Survive The Coronavirus." Covid-1984. 05:32 This part is what angers me, but not as much as months before. I personally am unable to contract it because I drink often. And when I replenish myself with liquids, I'm less likely to get sick. Hence why they say if you get sick, take any source of food or liquid that has vitamins and minerals, and try to get as much sun as possible for vitamin D. But sadly, this information is censored in favor of wearing masks and social distancing/engineering, and manipulating fear into blue pilled individuals. Yet in NJ Phil Commie Murphy passed a mask law that in order to buy something you need to wear a mask. This will later transition to taking a vaccine before you buy or sell, which is terrible for those who refuse to take the vaccine (because they don't need it unless if they are really sick). So I"m not angry or upset by this, that is what the government and communists want in order to take advantage over people's frustrations. Take things with a calm mind, and everything will work out, even if reality gets extremely rough. Getting upset or angry over the plandemic is not going to help you or others feel better. My advice: Get yourself a lot of vitamins and minerals, lots of sun as much as you can (try not to wear hats when outside so you can get sun in your hair as well), and be healthy as much as you can. The masks later down the road, say in 2030, you would wonder why we had to do these propagated measures in the first place. I just think that this pandemic is the worst scamdemic we have ever experienced in the entire human race, more than the flu outbreak 100 years ago.

    SuperFlashDriverSuperFlashDriver11 päeva tagasi
  • bruh that 24k dislikes doe **Yikes**

    Shanuk HewavithanaShanuk Hewavithana11 päeva tagasi
  • covid exists: doctors be like: were soooooooooooo dead

    Odin GamerOdin Gamer12 päeva tagasi
  • But Geralt is immune to all diseases since he is the witcher... so I assume that he would be safe regardless of wearing a mask.

    Marta PerlickaMarta Perlicka12 päeva tagasi
  • what about daisy or rosaliena???

    WaluigiWaluigi12 päeva tagasi
  • The mask Is supposed to protect others not you that’s why if both people wear a mask the risk is close to zero and if the CDC is saying that then they are either wrong or lying When I saw that I got triggered but I’m not hating on matpat he’s one of my favorite youtubers!

    Kitten masterKitten master13 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat: Looking to pass the time while in quarantine? Me in November: Yes please!

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  • YOU SHAVE THE EAS BROWS?! sorry i am 9

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  • I’m glad Matt made this because I learned how to stay safer

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  • Will it get censored if I say it? Corona

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  • I think kirby can syrvive cuz he can just go to space

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  • Your Meaning coron@\/¡r[_]s

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  • I'm NOT lying I KNEW he would say cranky long, when he was about to say who would be most likely to die, I was like, it's gotta be that old monkey in donkey king lol

    Kene AmaechinaKene Amaechina18 päeva tagasi
  • Just call it "divoc" Edit: A gamer's not scared of *divoc* theur only fear is computer virusses

    Pixl CrimPixl Crim18 päeva tagasi
  • Make a Steven Universe theory,MatPat! Steven Universe is A DUMB T.V. show so please ruin it!

    Melissa HanesMelissa Hanes18 päeva tagasi
  • Do monkeys get covid?

    Mothernized FlintMothernized Flint18 päeva tagasi
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  • Hi matdaddy

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  • Listen mat daddy you are smart

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  • My answer is that Nabbit is the most likely character to survive, he always wears a mask.

    אור הושמנדאור הושמנד19 päeva tagasi
  • Probably like 79 percent of people: #mATdADdY

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  • Hi matdad

  • ugh why is this channel still going?

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  • The covid-19 oh no youtube gods will detroy us!

    A RossonA Rosson21 päev tagasi
  • Is the game theory opening Matpat’s theme?

    JotaroKujo_StarPlatinumJotaroKujo_StarPlatinum21 päev tagasi
  • EEworld censor at its finest... Ccp yt

    FreakyFreaky21 päev tagasi
  • The most likely to survive coronavirus is olamar

    Levi MonarchLevi Monarch21 päev tagasi
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  • Where does link and pikachu rank

    Lyndale JamesLyndale James21 päev tagasi
  • Coronavirus coronavirus

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  • I would say Rapunzel's home

    Ashley GoAshley Go21 päev tagasi
  • Hecc yeah I'm 10 years old So I have a better chance for like 29 years

    Kids WorldKids World23 päeva tagasi
  • Didn't age well when the cdf began suggesting normal masks

    Liam PoczatekLiam Poczatek23 päeva tagasi
  • It’s corona virus

    Shoubhit MaharjanShoubhit Maharjan23 päeva tagasi
    • Seriously? You just blew my mind. This whole time I was positive it was COVID-19. He did such a good job of not making it painfully obvious what he was talking about...

      LiveAction LinkLiveAction Link23 päeva tagasi
  • The best charecter os creative mode steve

    KyleKyle24 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat should probably remove that bit at the beginning saying masks are ineffective huh.

    David TangDavid Tang24 päeva tagasi
  • Surely Arthur Morgan would be at the greatest risk because he's fairly old, has a beard and if you know what he has you know what he has

    NeoN_JoshYTNeoN_JoshYT24 päeva tagasi
  • 10th rewatch

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    Rainier SanchezRainier Sanchez25 päeva tagasi
  • Let's talk about the what? I can't even say it in the comments why???

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  • You missed pikachu

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  • Please do a theory on Super Mario 3D world, why when Mario receives the super bell powerup, it makes him yellow, when the other characters change to the appropriate color. Same with the boomerang powerup. Maybe it isn't actually Mario?

    Lemur ForeverLemur Forever25 päeva tagasi
  • Anyone living in Skyrim. Diseases can be cured by praying at any shrine to any god. Do that once per day and nothing else matters. At least one shrine in every major settlement. Potions with the same effect expensive, but not too hard to come by. Same goes for a lot of fantasy settings. Come to think of it, anyone living in a sci-fi setting. Commander Shepard, for example, lives in a world with healthcare centuries beyond ours, AND most the people he hangs around are aliens, that cannot catch or spread corona any more than he can catch potato blight. (Less so, actually).

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  • Hi MatDaddy 7:28

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  • but hes a animals animals doesnt die from it

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  • 🏃🚄💨💨💨 coming! 🚌💨💨💨🏃😂 Missed a bus! 🚙💨🚦🚗🚕🚓 😚 Sweet Home ✨ 🏠❤🏠💃💛🏃🎶🎶

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