Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft

30 mai 2020
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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Me Hearing Vex Sounds:Its sounds like 10 Boos from super mario,luigi's mansion and etc laughing all at once.

    Casan LazimCasan Lazim38 sekundit tagasi
  • The audio of the vex gave me a small anixety attack and now Imma have nightmares- rip me-

    Gay DemonGay DemonTund tagasi
  • Cool

    Maryland RossonMaryland Rosson12 tundi tagasi
  • When hus head crazhed through the nether it gave me an idea. In stranger things the upside down can only be accessed by a portal but is sometimes portayed as literally a world under us so what is bedrock in the overworld and bedrock in the nether are one in the same. And thats why we can only go there by portal

    Mandalorian gamingMandalorian gaming23 tundi tagasi
  • Were paying him by watching this video

    Daily VideoDaily VideoPäev tagasi
  • and also in the statue there is a black nose as well as the unibrow but... I LOVE YOUR THEORY as always

    Sugar and Spice SistersSugar and Spice SistersPäev tagasi
  • how come i never hear the the word vindicate in Among Us

    SteveHeroSteveHero2 päeva tagasi
  • me: watch this channel every day, still don't understand anything

    kwana08kwana082 päeva tagasi
  • You need experience to enchant in minecraft. Isn't every experience and every memory of your life creating the soul?

    # Brickie# Brickie2 päeva tagasi
  • matpat this might sound weird but please make a theory on cactus. literally any item or blocks can be destroyed by just throwing them on a cactus. WE NEED EXPLANATION

    RalphOfficialRalphOfficial4 päeva tagasi
  • By the way minecraft story mode confirms the old buidiers u can also meet some of them in the game im not sure if the old builduirs there're the same ones in minecraft

    ali saadali saad4 päeva tagasi
  • GES what the five nights at freddys movie is combing out with a script. Next year

    Linda AllingtonLinda Allington4 päeva tagasi
  • I had blue eyes, then green eyes, then blue and green eyes... so am I a vindicator...

    Mr.Marshmallow AnimatesMr.Marshmallow Animates4 päeva tagasi
  • Hey did you know the xp in minecraft are souls that my theory becouse you can use them in enchant or use it in anvil they drop by all mobs

    Joan TiamzonJoan Tiamzon4 päeva tagasi
  • Oh and game theory, if you clearly see the soul sand with water. The water will push you up. And that clearly sure that soul sand is breathing with water. You will notice that the water have bubble because of their breathing

    Guan Cheng Iveenr TayGuan Cheng Iveenr Tay5 päeva tagasi
  • OMG

    Chad RoskelleyChad Roskelley6 päeva tagasi
  • This links to the abandoned villages,they used every soul,

    Gavins GamingGavins Gaming6 päeva tagasi
  • Hi I’m a pro builder in Minecraft, also,this continues on with the warden

    Gavins GamingGavins Gaming6 päeva tagasi
  • it isnt Lapis Laazuli it is Lapis Lazulli

    Tushar ChaudhariTushar Chaudhari6 päeva tagasi
  • and ravegers

    Rosamund AmmonRosamund Ammon6 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft finally turning into Dark Souls

    Xrenyn the MusicMageXrenyn the MusicMage6 päeva tagasi
  • vex: nyaaa

    atok dalang jomblo sampai tuaatok dalang jomblo sampai tua7 päeva tagasi
  • Umm, i know its stupid to say it here, but how do you explain parrots dancing to discs 11 and 13,when that isn't a music type.

    Harjasuday SinghHarjasuday Singh8 päeva tagasi
  • Also there is a sometimes a soûl sans farm sometimes I think

    Steven DanielSteven Daniel8 päeva tagasi
  • Salut, j'adore ta chaîne, je me suis abonner et je met 10/10. Faite de même sur ma chaîne si vous kiffer(Jeux varié), voici 1 de mes vidéos minecraft:

    Jilo- vissuJilo- vissu8 päeva tagasi
  • Insert Soul Eater joke, here.

    volcanmk01volcanmk018 päeva tagasi
  • Btw vindicators also hold thier hands together like villagers

    Zyxl PixlZyxl Pixl8 päeva tagasi
  • If u make a Cross of Soulsand and trow a Totem of undieng under the Center of it it starts flowting and it frees many vex and u get killed

    Team RobloxTeam Roblox10 päeva tagasi
  • your right but what if Steve was a runaway from the illagers because they trained him and since that he ran away because he knew that they were doing bad magic and thats why he ran away and the illager picked him because of his life produce because of how steve can give life to many built mobs or because he can give much life force to the iron glomes and the snowman and the iron glome that is left out were built by the old builders who turned ender men they builded him because they new they couldnt survive long enough and steve when he dies he respawn because he has the power to resurrect from the dead because from learning from the illiager and the builders couldn't because they didnt have the power to resurrect they builded the iron glome because to protect the villiagers from getting kidnapped.

    Sinic RainSinic Rain10 päeva tagasi
  • minecraft got real dark real quick

    itsgauridrawsitsgauridraws10 päeva tagasi
  • I think this is too creepy to be thought of for minecraft.

    Devjeet MishraDevjeet Mishra11 päeva tagasi
  • I have idea. You can get soul boosts so one person can drop something like 5 souls. I don’t think soils and death are directly related. It’s not 1 to one. A soul is not how we as humans think it means. A soul is not someone’s person instead it’s a something. A species in of itself. Something that live within things but not a spirit, to me they are like water bears, they are just everywhere but only noticeable in certain conditions. When we decay in the overworld they just go poof. But in the nether they get trapped with the curse of the nether (as I call it).

    Ben spoonerBen spooner11 päeva tagasi
  • So if Lapis is used to magically infuse evil into Villagers, and Lapis is also used to infuse Weapons and Tools with Magic, then.... What is XP? Is XP also Souls...? It serves, basically, as the raw magic that binds effects into Tools, or at least, the energy, and you get it, typically, from killing living things. Of course, you can also get it from ores and smelting/cooking. I think XP is something worth exploring.

    Mikan SanMikan San11 päeva tagasi
  • what about 2 player?

    Logan HLogan H11 päeva tagasi
  • Hold on.... it’s Minecraft they don’t add stuff just for fun. If they did Minecraft would not have lore.

    Bakugo Aka sad bakubichBakugo Aka sad bakubich11 päeva tagasi
  • [Insert block here] **Insert CHAIN**

    Dhanesh AbhiprayaDhanesh Abhipraya12 päeva tagasi
  • Now that I think about it, maybe the reason why they're called vex is cause they're literally vexed, disturbed souls who can't find peace

    This Is MeThis Is Me12 päeva tagasi
  • I have it on PS4

    Galaxy_wolf Of the forestGalaxy_wolf Of the forest12 päeva tagasi
    • I meen minecraft-dungeons

      Galaxy_wolf Of the forestGalaxy_wolf Of the forest12 päeva tagasi
  • Add a public comment...

    Minecraft 1.17Minecraft 1.1712 päeva tagasi
  • I love how minecraft and fnaf have the same “im gonna use souls to make life but it low-key backfires” thing going on-

    luciel hollandluciel holland12 päeva tagasi
  • At least it is not some purple guy trapped dead kids into animals.

    Gaming TurbulenceGaming Turbulence13 päeva tagasi
  • Listen listen PLZ I have a theory and that is vindicators are actually inserted lapiz on them as you said and that could be the reason their eyes are blue and lapiz is also blue well it's just a theory

    Ultima GamingUltima Gaming13 päeva tagasi
  • How does the evoker summon evoker fangs?

    Casper_Lee 20Casper_Lee 2013 päeva tagasi
  • why did I decide to watch this at 10 at night?

    Luca PiuLuca Piu13 päeva tagasi
  • 0:33 Wait pillegars are looking better when they have a normal skin color

    Nickful GuyNickful Guy14 päeva tagasi
  • Another theory for why theyre named vindicator is because theyre the underlings of the Evokers. The Evokers wanna believe that they're doing the right thing by trying to find the gods that have long abandoned their world. The vindicators are meant to vindicate them by killing any would be dissenters.

    Dillon KDillon K14 päeva tagasi
  • A lot of the theories dont add up completely

    Griffin GilllandGriffin Gillland14 päeva tagasi
  • After watching all of these theories i decided that im making an undertale AU about it Im calling it "EnderTale"

    RalseiRalsei14 päeva tagasi
  • fnaf vibes

    NekoNeko15 päeva tagasi
  • Me: Vex’s are the 5 dead children in FNAF! *Me in my head*: [Softly] No

    Lets PlayLets Play15 päeva tagasi
  • you do the best videos

    Louis R VazquezLouis R Vazquez15 päeva tagasi
  • I think the most exciting is emerald

    Maria Loiacono CuzzuolMaria Loiacono Cuzzuol15 päeva tagasi
  • Evokers: *literal god of souls" Me watching them stupidly fall in lava in my raid farm:

    LSsection 55LSsection 5515 päeva tagasi
  • The sleeping Steve is disturbing to me bcuz they basically edited out the eyes

    Jade The CookieYTJade The CookieYT16 päeva tagasi

    Multi ManiaMulti Mania16 päeva tagasi
  • In dungeons you can use a soul lantern to summon a being whom I have name Sinestro comprised of souls for a short period of time, just like the Vexes who disappear after two minutes according to the Mobeastiary. VERY similar.

    Eric BronaughEric Bronaugh16 päeva tagasi
  • Anybody noticed that if you run on soul sand with boots enchanted with soul speed, then quickly turn around, you see a trail of “souls”?

    JustAnotherCasualtyJustAnotherCasualty16 päeva tagasi
  • but what does a evoker has with the nether if the souls are trapped in soul sand

    عبود gamerعبود gamer17 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft dungeons' trailer will show you what happened to the pillagers

    hector vazquezhector vazquez17 päeva tagasi
  • But kidnapping villagers and turning them into illagers is a way to reproduce so that means they dont kidnap villagers because in the book is written that they dont reproduce in ANY way

    Jemand namens Siedler SiedlungJemand namens Siedler Siedlung17 päeva tagasi
  • Him: shows a ghostly mob Me, seeing where this is going: *Majora’s Mask flashbacks*

    Jason BellJason Bell17 päeva tagasi
  • But Jack Torrence wasn't innocent before getting to the hotel. He dislocated Andy's arm in a drunken rage.

    CortneyCortney17 päeva tagasi
  • Is it just me... or is mat leaving lore for us to figure out about his channel when he’s gone

    TokyoIsBestTokyoIsBest18 päeva tagasi
  • maybe the illagers have seperate eyebrows because they cut their foreheads to put the lapis in? (which will make the villagers' unibrows eyebrows) Though Mojang might put scars on their illager skin's forehead if that was the case

    近藤佐月近藤佐月18 päeva tagasi
  • I can hear it now... Phasmophobia's 13th ghost: The Vex, the most dangerous ghost (because 13).

    Mr. Depth LeviathanMr. Depth Leviathan18 päeva tagasi
  • So why are they hostile to the player (steve)

    Ewan 444Ewan 44418 päeva tagasi
  • No, you have it all wrong! Minecraft dungeons is diet world of warcraft raids.

    Katherine FowlerKatherine Fowler19 päeva tagasi
    • 12:49 The faces are derpy, but the consept is not

      Katherine FowlerKatherine Fowler19 päeva tagasi
    • Also ghost gas is a common thing in the newest world of warcraft update and diablo and world of warcraft were made by the same people

      Katherine FowlerKatherine Fowler19 päeva tagasi
  • You struck a theory

    fire playerfire player19 päeva tagasi

    Dj Lulu 1976 iacob-kocsisDj Lulu 1976 iacob-kocsis19 päeva tagasi
  • The wool illiger statue in the room of the woodland mansion is probably the arch illiger mentioned in Minecraft dungeons. This is due to the yellow wool in front of it I think is the top of a staff, the same staff the arch illiger has in Minecraft dungeons.

    Brandon BronsonBrandon Bronson19 päeva tagasi
  • Soul sand much like coal is just decomposed bodies but the souls are trapped inside and the reason why you are slowed down is these souls begging for help by trying to slow you down to free them - but that’s just my theory on soul sand because it makes sense

    anime_girl_2600anime_girl_260019 päeva tagasi
  • When you realize that the vex doesn’t light up its surroundings because Minecraft’s lighting engine is lame..

    ZoikosZoikos19 päeva tagasi
  • This THEORY makes sense

    ᒪᗩ乙ƴ ᖴᖇƴᒪᗩ乙ƴ ᖴᖇƴ19 päeva tagasi
  • 2:01 ahh yes pink wool, one of the most rare high-tier blocks

    yellow_snowmanyellow_snowman20 päeva tagasi
    • I think it more like finding a pink sheep

      Noah CollinsNoah Collins18 päeva tagasi
  • Why does lapis make them angry

    Fin ReesFin Rees20 päeva tagasi
  • Is it just me laughing at that Pokémon card of an illager in 4:02😂😂😂

    Sofia MarieSofia Marie21 päev tagasi
  • What if being changed hurt the villagers and they're now afraid of rabbits or something I don't really know

    ― Eleventh ―― Eleventh ―21 päev tagasi
  • Tl;dr Evokers are Alphys creating almalgamates

    Kitty 7098Kitty 709821 päev tagasi
  • Vexes actually take damage while going through cacti.

    DuderDudeManDuderDudeMan21 päev tagasi
  • He has a son

    Jennifer WagnerJennifer Wagner21 päev tagasi
  • EEworldr:*talks about things* There brain: How do i fit a sponsor into this sentence

    Maxine Milton-SaywellMaxine Milton-Saywell22 päeva tagasi
  • Can anyone tell me has lapis lazuli gotten rarer because on my Minecraft world I keep on finding diamond not lapis 🤔

    Hey it’s me Siphon121Hey it’s me Siphon12122 päeva tagasi
  • but how did they get soul sand?

    DrizzleDrizzle22 päeva tagasi
  • Me: Hears that the Evokers are toying with life and death. Goosebumps all of a sudden: Bonjour

  • Is the nether the underworld and is soul sand what holds the evil souls

    Kiddtastrophe ,Kiddtastrophe ,22 päeva tagasi
  • me: gets mad at my siblings for killing the importan villager me after watching this video: ....... i fill so bad for killing vindicators

  • also, think about it, if you go to peaceful( I've tried this myself) ravangers will still be there, which confuses my, but that would make more synce if ravangers are villagers.

    l'manbergl'manberg22 päeva tagasi
  • Hmm So the 3 builders never used the totem or did they never know that they were actually made

    AAndreyZZAAndreyZZ22 päeva tagasi
  • I mean, Jack was innocent big you ignore the heavy implications that he abused his family

    Griffin CrumpGriffin Crump22 päeva tagasi
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the editing skills? You did it again MatPat (or editor)

    TangentArc StudiosTangentArc Studios22 päeva tagasi
  • All the dislikes are misclickes

    GooglecodeGooglecode22 päeva tagasi
  • So we aren't talking about how he made his intro a meme?

    CornCorn22 päeva tagasi
  • i went to simplisafe but it said access denied weird

    Aahil MemonAahil Memon22 päeva tagasi
  • " and there you have it *my minors and crappers* "

    Eatornator3000Eatornator300023 päeva tagasi
  • but wouldent the eyes be a different shade

    Valerie Ni FhaolainValerie Ni Fhaolain23 päeva tagasi
  • What about phantoms?

    Andor MákAndor Mák23 päeva tagasi
  • I did the google thing, and "evocation" is the action of invoking a spirit or deity. "the evocation of wandering spirits" and to "evoke" is to invoke (a spirit or deity), or to "call up; cause to appear; summon: to evoke a spirit from the dead.". You probably already know this, but it saves you the time if you want to look.

    BeanBoyBeanBoy23 päeva tagasi
  • I love all of these theories :)

    Mikkey Not a MouseMikkey Not a Mouse23 päeva tagasi
  • minecraft trying to keep its lore a secret MatPat: im about to end this man's whole career

    Maakin IsmailMaakin Ismail23 päeva tagasi
  • Mojang be like : wow never thought of that

    CrazyPlaysCrazyPlays23 päeva tagasi