Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither

19 sept 2019
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Now that I have started to dive into the deep lore of Minecraft, I think I will be able to map out the ENTIRE in-world history of the game. We've talked about the corrupted music discs and the origin of the Enderme. Today I want to solve the mystery of what started EVERYTHING. What created Minecraft? Well there is this thing called the Wither...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, BanditRants, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • I have a theory that the wither isn't artificial, its because of the block with the wither on it. so they knew about it before they summoned it, so its not artificial.

    Ander BishaiAnder Bishai5 tundi tagasi
  • I think some soul sand might be artificial souls. just speculation

    Ander BishaiAnder Bishai5 tundi tagasi
  • "but isnt the world one big crafting table..think about that" oh now my head hurts

    atl and friskatl and frisk10 tundi tagasi
  • You know respawn acres would be such a big part in this

    Hi BoyHi Boy11 tundi tagasi
  • Endermen only attack you when you look at their eyes because the PTSD they experience when they look at their former selves(aka you, a human) causes them to go into a frenzy. They wouldn’t be jealous because their sounds and mouths in that state are very abnormal.

    Mr FastMr Fast11 tundi tagasi
  • wait, I just realised something. what if the "end credits" are just the ancient builders talking to each other? I mean, the text clearly says: "I see the player you mean" "[player name]?" clearly, they are sentient, they know you are in a game; they said: "they will have to learn that in the long story of life, not the short story of a game." (btw this is a possible theory, I don't think this will really be used)

    snaukballsnaukball19 tundi tagasi
  • 1:50: Bees: Am I a joke to you??

    05_CRUZ ZOEY05_CRUZ ZOEYPäev tagasi
  • If they all escaped through the end portal then what caused the wither to stop existing. Wouldn’t there be one at the start of the game and how would the villagers have survived the onslaught?

    Jarl_JakeJarl_JakePäev tagasi
  • 8:08 Among Us Reference!!!!

    Hendog30Hendog30Päev tagasi
  • ???

    Joel JamilaJoel JamilaPäev tagasi
  • My video glithched and im currently watching the music disk theory. But as soon as the music 13 started back up notifications are like We are the ones that matter

    Braxton GayBraxton GayPäev tagasi
  • wait so lets say that all that did actually happen, but when you go across some dessert temples you notice a block that does have the shape of a wither- what if people that weren't able to go through the portal lived in the dessert, and as time when by they slowly ran out of food-

    Softi KookiSofti KookiPäev tagasi
  • 1:48 crying bee noises

    LI POK HONG李博康LI POK HONG李博康Päev tagasi
  • Why do endermen get mad when you look at them?

    Efstratios LouyakisEfstratios LouyakisPäev tagasi
  • I wonder what happened to the original Wither, did it die of old age, or did something kill it, say an Iron Golem? I dunno. That’s the only flaw in the theory.

    Redninja 007Redninja 007Päev tagasi
  • There is ONE thing wrong with this: why is the Wither not roaming your minecraft world when you start it? I mean, the ancient people didn't kill it, and not the villagers either...

    Nathan NinjaNathan NinjaPäev tagasi
  • What about the mooshroom and cow

    pepper mint pup's gamingpepper mint pup's gamingPäev tagasi
  • But Frankenstein And The Elric brothers failed

    MyNameIsASLANMyNameIsASLANPäev tagasi
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate the mini theory?

    FlickFlickPäev tagasi
  • Enderman:Human Drowned:Pirates Husk;Desert People My Theory

    Insan KamilInsan Kamil2 päeva tagasi
  • wow yt reallt thinks video games cause violence

    David SchweighoferDavid Schweighofer2 päeva tagasi
  • And they look like chorus fruit

    Joker BaneJoker Bane2 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah ender mites are just silver fish bc silver fish are in the stronghold then they went in they were trapped and started eating chorus fruit

    Joker BaneJoker Bane2 päeva tagasi
  • 16:54 and courting

    Chad WeissChad Weiss2 päeva tagasi
  • One thing that I don't understand is that by this theory the wither should still be alive right?

    Fun mathsFun maths2 päeva tagasi
  • I can push your theory o sponded the wither and endermen that where their attack there still fighting to this day

    Jessica BruceJessica Bruce3 päeva tagasi
  • (what about jungle temples(i think that's what they are called))

    『Bluzoberry』『Bluzoberry』3 päeva tagasi
  • I'm new to this stuff, and this makes a whole lotta sense but what's troubling me is how'd they get ender eyes? I mean the endermen are the ancient builder civilization right? So how'd they get the eyes of ender?

    ToriSenpaiToriSenpai3 päeva tagasi
  • Maybe the endermites are parasites for the enderman's eyes. because, when you throw an Ender eye there's a chance that an endermite might will appear

    XSpheerX 'XSpheerX '3 päeva tagasi
  • muito bom essa teoria cara

    Idroid CraftIdroid Craft3 päeva tagasi
  • Just saying but i think humans are the same as enderman becuasw enderman voices are just reversed voices of real humans

    Heinrich GonzalesHeinrich Gonzales4 päeva tagasi
  • How did they get ender pearls tho and why does the end portal look like its made of endstone? You need to get to the end in order to gain endstone...

    Jonathan FloodJonathan Flood4 päeva tagasi
    • Exactly what I was thinking bruh. How the hell did they get the ender eyes in the first place, I mean if the ender eyes came from them because they evolved to the endermen, how did they have ender eyes before the ancient civilization even evolved to endermen.

      ToriSenpaiToriSenpai3 päeva tagasi
  • Mabey the Enderman forgot how to talk probably that's why they say "what's up" or "the end " probably that's why they say the mixed-up words

    ibrahhibrahh4 päeva tagasi
  • None of this makes any sense. But! I watch it because I like torturing myself

    Tyler JacksonTyler Jackson5 päeva tagasi
  • 2:07 Actually no, In seed 0 for minecraft bedrock, the closest stronghold to spawn doesn't have a portal room

    Jake RozewiczJake Rozewicz5 päeva tagasi
  • Mojang: Well okay then

    TotallyNotFlashTotallyNotFlash5 päeva tagasi
  • wait a minute. You can revive the ender dragon, with the stars you get from the wither. So, if your batting the wither it would/could be the beginning of you're ender dragon battle. there for being the end

    Logan RobertsonLogan Robertson5 päeva tagasi
  • After watching about your theories I am addicted to this minecraft series and I am scared of every thing and get scared while starting the game....

    Abhi1470 Is liveAbhi1470 Is live5 päeva tagasi
  • Mojang could make a show about this

    Dexter jettsterDexter jettster6 päeva tagasi
  • 2:53 dude, that voice is incredible XD

    Zoltan Adam-MullerZoltan Adam-Muller6 päeva tagasi
  • I think that endermites are parasites of enderman. The live in enderman s ender pearls and when you throw one, it breaks and an endermite comes out. But not all enderman have endermites in them. It also explains why enderman hate endermites- they dont like parasites that live in them.

    Pigeon ManPigeon Man6 päeva tagasi
  • if the wither storm was real it will destroy all humanity like in minecraft

  • But what about jungle temples

    Ankit JammuAnkit Jammu7 päeva tagasi
    • Or the evel villager mansion ( I forgot the name )

      Ankit JammuAnkit Jammu7 päeva tagasi
  • I really don’t know what I would do without game theory it has answered so many of my questions!!!!!

    Paxton SonyePaxton Sonye7 päeva tagasi
  • So, no one remembers the forest temple?

    Matthew PartlowMatthew Partlow7 päeva tagasi
  • Well i definetly want to download honey but... Im 10 i dont buy stuff so its absaloutly USELESS to me but it seems like a good app you should download it

    Ates NalcacıAtes Nalcacı7 päeva tagasi
  • So uh what happened to the first wither

    Adrian VegaAdrian Vega7 päeva tagasi
  • Well what happened to the wither from the overworld huh think of that

    Harry ReynoldsHarry Reynolds7 päeva tagasi
  • Endermites come from ender pearls, ender pearls are the enderman's eye, so doesn't that mean endermites are parasites in the enderman's eye, so of course the enderman wouldn't like a parasite that crawls around in their eye

    Slow-mo Joe 2Slow-mo Joe 27 päeva tagasi
  • And also most of the time when I find the strong phone it’s usually spawns under the Abandoned villages

    KyuremJC10187 YeetKyuremJC10187 Yeet7 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft have books that have a lore

    KyuremJC10187 YeetKyuremJC10187 Yeet7 päeva tagasi
  • WOW i love the wither boss its coll and scary and danger

    sebastian cousebastian cou8 päeva tagasi
  • I think that notch will like this?

    Warren VIERNESWarren VIERNES8 päeva tagasi
  • You're outrows are amazing

    Logan RamirezLogan Ramirez8 päeva tagasi
  • Mat Pat: “bring their friends back to life” Me: This is what we call wholesome peeps ;-;

    Cassidy_ Shadow-AngelCassidy_ Shadow-Angel8 päeva tagasi
  • Ooohh no not honey

    Adama KeitaAdama Keita9 päeva tagasi
  • UMMMMMM I can't go to school

    Kelly CoxKelly Cox9 päeva tagasi
  • I will send all North Americans into a habitable exoplanet

    Super MarioSuper Mario9 päeva tagasi
  • Others: Detailed Info Me: Did you just put an ocean monument in land

    AgArman AgGargAgArman AgGarg9 päeva tagasi
  • MatPat: **describes minecraft mobs as literal spawns of he🏒🏒** Fanfiction writers: *That sign can't stop me because I can't read.*

    Banana GamerCatBanana GamerCat10 päeva tagasi
  • i know too much

    Mara ArdeleanMara Ardelean10 päeva tagasi
  • i love these theories

    sam braysam bray10 päeva tagasi
  • What if the wither was all of the builders brought back to life, argued in one body, wanted to stay dead and wanted everyone to join them...

    Rooster gamerRooster gamer12 päeva tagasi
  • Can I just say that somone needs to animate or make a comic of matpats story

    Marvin SchradeMarvin Schrade12 päeva tagasi
  • I just noticed something this guy sounds alotlike the odd 1 s out

    ticci tobyticci toby12 päeva tagasi
  • I wonder why you can resurrect zombie Villagers and not normal zombies. And If you could why they didn't do it before🤔🤔 I for one resurrected my friend Harry the villager and that went well

    Owl houseOwl house12 päeva tagasi
  • I have a theory on the Enderdragon this is my theory the ender dragon is probably the wither after it reproduced (parthenogenesis wither) that is why there are structures like the obsidian towers and the end city houses the builders had some time to build the insane structures the obsidian towers are a sign of them worshiping a god but the end crystals had some properties they did not expect that healed the Enderdragon. maybe iIshould post this on a different video Edit: so I saw @God of the Cripples comment and I must revise maybe they builders were so desperate when they were about to die they spawned another in hope of them fighting but they did not but instead bred and made more withers until they became the ender dragon

    Tj WessonTj Wesson13 päeva tagasi
  • thanks

    EarlEarl13 päeva tagasi
  • the old netherack texture has a face in it...

    • No it doesn't. And even if it did, it's not the same as the now correct netherrack texture we have now

      MonarchiaMonarchia8 päeva tagasi
  • what if instead what happened is that the ender dragon itself was a threat. so then after that, they sent a lot of their manpower to go and fight it. when they realized they were fighting a lost battle some flee and make the end cities where they proceed to live while at the overworld they realized they made a huge mistake letting all their manpower go to fight that now they cant protect themselves some die while other go and try to seek out the stronghold. where they go and meet up with all the other enderman and the people that stayed in the overworld died and uh that's it BuT JuSt ReMeMBeR ThaTS JuSt A ThEaRY a GaMe thEoRy

    Brian's StudioBrian's Studio13 päeva tagasi
    • @Brian's Studio how would there be rumors of a dragon when there wasn't even a slight chance someone knew it existed? And if not for the wither, why was the stronghold built?

      MonarchiaMonarchia8 päeva tagasi
    • @Monarchia what if they killed it? It would also be the beginning because they might have tried to find other lands where they can bring back their friends so they heard of the end. And they had also heard of the rumors about the dragon. So they decide that it was a threat so then we go back to the same theory

      Brian's StudioBrian's Studio8 päeva tagasi
    • Then what was the wither for. It was known about by the ancient race, meaning it was summoned. If it was killed, why do we not see ancient ruins of where beacons once stood?

      MonarchiaMonarchia8 päeva tagasi
  • maybe the reason why we have caves in minecraft that go SO deep is because of the wither the holes it created before. i mean i have never seen a cave just go down so deep (besides ravines) so steep, what i normally see in real life is caves that the caves go down but horizontally down not so steep. maybe this could mean that some update in the future may have like a wither room, with a ton of wither stuff, obsidian, coal blocks, soul sand, and we might get a new boss the scattered (a scattered, shattered and split form of the wither) this would be the place where the wither got lost with its so many caves or just somehow died and maybe it could be a post wither fight, maybe the wither room would finally spawn and a new mob would start spawning (similar to the phantoms? those annoying bat like things that attack if you dont sleep) then you could make a wither split into 3. i dunno this all started because 1 person like my comment which was the first sentance and it was just saying ancient made holes. XD

    Lucas ChapaLucas Chapa13 päeva tagasi
    • wow i type fast

      Lucas ChapaLucas Chapa13 päeva tagasi

    Azaan playz gamezAzaan playz gamez13 päeva tagasi
  • This just reminds me of captainsparlez kingdom lore/the mince craft story all just fits

    itzSteadyitzSteady13 päeva tagasi
  • You said that the other people died at the nether or the end but what about the zombies

    Junior ReaperJunior Reaper14 päeva tagasi
  • What’s this piano it’s so nice

    hacked by puuphacked by puup14 päeva tagasi
  • Fun fact: Silverfish are actually a real life creature. they are a species of centipede and behave quite similar to the in game silverfish

    Minecraft worldMinecraft world14 päeva tagasi
  • What in the FRIK is the soul sand vally then

    Jacob ClayJacob Clay14 päeva tagasi
  • 2:53

    Darkaxe_CrazedDarkaxe_Crazed14 päeva tagasi
  • How come the villages are still there

    Nathan ThorpeNathan Thorpe15 päeva tagasi
  • One thing. Chiselled red sand stone doesn’t Naturally spawn...ANYWHERE. YOU the player have to craft’s not in sand temples, that’s terracotta and it doesn’t spawn in ocean ruins. So I don’t think the wither was why the people ran

    Ben spoonerBen spooner15 päeva tagasi
  • #biscoito

    Seilá Oque LaahSeilá Oque Laah15 päeva tagasi
  • But if they are so much mor advanced then the player how come we can defeat it but they couldnt?

    Jens LyhneJens Lyhne15 päeva tagasi
  • But they could have killed a single wither after all there were millions of them

    Depressed BoyDepressed Boy15 päeva tagasi
  • I was sorta thinking that the statue u need to make the wither and iron golem was so similar, that they were based off of each other.....

    Luna EclipseLuna Eclipse15 päeva tagasi
  • Me: That means endermans and wither Skeleton are connected. Like the accient builders split up. And the end up becoming different creatures and in different univers

    Rainbow wolfRainbow wolf15 päeva tagasi
  • 9:01 didn't purpled do that once

    Please HelpPlease Help16 päeva tagasi
  • so your saying the story of minecraft is builders make a portal to the nether die and the remaining builders go to the end

    youtub-Jebyoutub-Jeb16 päeva tagasi
  • Just pointing out wither skeletons are taller and endermen too

    DaenorDaenor16 päeva tagasi
  • I think I just pissed myself

    WRΛΙΤΗ 這樣WRΛΙΤΗ 這樣16 päeva tagasi
  • Matpat makes it all make sense ans makes it line up and leavws no plot holes in his life

    Neji HyugaNeji Hyuga16 päeva tagasi
  • This is so dumb and fun😂

    Kim KeuliseuKim Keuliseu16 päeva tagasi
  • what is the background music name?

    Panda FlamdaPanda Flamda16 päeva tagasi
  • the existence of 1.16 kinda outdated this

    EXTVEXTV16 päeva tagasi
  • Wait if the desert temples were built prior to the fall but the wither causes the fall then how is the wither on the blocks in the temple?

    Marcel ForschleMarcel Forschle16 päeva tagasi
  • am I the only one who thought Mat Pat looked a lot like Markiplier when he said "mini theory"? (which btw was adorable)

    atharv khanzodeatharv khanzode17 päeva tagasi
  • Why can't i learn this is history?

    Failing PigFailing Pig17 päeva tagasi
  • well, it's a good theory, but I have a counter theory for you. First of all, there's the chiseled sandstone and the chiseled red sandstone, the chiseled sandstone is real in the minecraft world, it appears at the desert temples, but the chiseled red sandstone doens't, you will find'em just by crafting, in other words, Steve and Alex make the chiseled red sandstone by themselves, wich opens another question: How would them know how to chisel the Wither. Also, when the wither is summoned, it makes irregular craters and leave wither roses behind, and in the overworld there's NO WITHER ROSE, even roses doesn't exist anymore, they got replaced by the poppy, wich also opens other questions. If the wither have been summoned in minecraft, it have been summoned in the nether, since the bastions are destroyed, there're hordes of zombified piglins and the piglins hate both wither related mobs(wither skeleton and wither itself). And the inexistance of flowers in the nether, I can't think in something for this, but the wither roses are not resistant to lava, I think they WITHERED to death🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brazilian GentlemanBrazilian Gentleman17 päeva tagasi

    GL1TCHGL1TCH17 päeva tagasi
  • Who else is reading the comments of yt during school? pls don't say its just me.

    Amethyst HurricaneAmethyst Hurricane17 päeva tagasi
  • I used to think silver fish were actually fish and used to put them in water and when they crawled out I was really confused of how they were survived out of water when fish dont

    I love to eat chaddy cheddarsI love to eat chaddy cheddars17 päeva tagasi